Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Google’s App Store Privacy Labels, Facebook’s New Features to Pages, Snapchat’s Relaunch of Partner Program & more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 8, 2021,

1. Google to Roll Out Privacy Labels for its iOS Apps Starting as Early as This Week

Google has confirmed that it looks to start rolling out privacy labels for its suite of iOS apps on the App Store starting sometime this week or next. [Source: Gadgets 360]

2. Facebook Pages Redesigned, 5 New Features Added

Facebook is rolling out a redesigned layout for Pages along with new features to help foster community building and achieve business objectives. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

3. Snapchat Relaunches Partner Solutions Program to Provide More Assistance Options for Advertisers

Snapchat has re-launched its marketing partner program, which redefines its two partner categories to better clarify the types of assistance and guidance options available. [Source: Social Media Today]

4. Google Chrome Will Now Show HTTPS as The Default Browser URL

An upcoming change to Google Chrome might actively push the already receding HTTP address into irrelevancy. [Source: Digital Information World]

5. Snapchat Looks to Broaden its eCommerce Push with Expanded Bitmoji Fashion Options

Snapchat is looking to broaden its eCommerce push by providing a range of new clothing from retailers to users’ Bitmoji characters. [Source: Social Media Today]

6. Google My Business launches new performance reporting

Google is now rolling out new performance reports within the Google My Business insights section. [Source: Search Engine Land]

7. Snapchat Looks to Establish Connection to Emerging Indian Market Through Investment in ShareChat

Snapchat’s looking to maintain connection with the emerging Indian market by investing in local social platform ShareChat, which already counts Twitter among its shareholders. [Source: Social Media Today]

8. Google’s Lighthouse is now recommending JavaScript library alternates

Lighthouse now serves as a beacon for warning you when your project includes old libraries that have modern alternatives. [Source: Search Engine Land]

9. Facebook Marketplace Gets New Vacation Mode to the Benefit of Sellers

Facebook’s ushering in the new year with an update to their Marketplace interface via a “Vacation Mode” setting. [Source: Digital Information World]

10. Bing Webmaster Tools adds crawl requests, crawl errors & indexed pages to performance report

Microsoft Bing has added some new metrics to the search performance report within Bing Webmaster Tools. The new metrics include crawl requests, crawl errors, and indexed pages. [Source: Search Engine Land]

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