Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Google’s Contact Center AI solution, Twitter’s tightened API platform access, LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager and more..

By Logicserve News Desk

  • July 27, 2018,
  1. Google ups its AI services with new Contact Center solution and developer tools

Google is boosting its AI-as-a-service offerings this week, most notably with the alpha release of a new Contact Center AI solution. [Source: MARTECH TODAY]

  1. Twitter tightens access to API platform & restricts number of daily actions an app can perform

Twitter is following through on its commitment to improve the health of its platform. The company announced that all new requests to access the company’s API platform will be required to apply for a developer account. [Source: MARTECH TODAY]

  1. LinkedIn overhauls Campaign Manager for marketers managing high-volume accounts

LinkedIn has overhauled its Campaign Manager, giving it a redesigned interface and building out its back end to load data faster. The refreshed tool is designed to offer a more intuitive experience for marketers running multiple campaigns on the platform, with one-click breakdowns of campaign data and personalization options around what reports they see. [Source: Marketing Land]

  1. Data Transfer Project – The Brainchild of Tech Spearheads

Building a framework and open-source it to people has been in the pipelines for a while now. Finally, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft have partnered to get together and make it happen. [Source: Logicserve Digital]

  1. Google updates its search quality rating guidelines

Google is out with an update to its search quality rater guidelines that includes some new areas of focus for raters. [Source: Search Engine Land]

  1. YouTube Announces New Ways to View VR Content Through the App

YouTube has this week announced a new set of updates aimed at enhancing its VR functionality and providing more ways for people to consume and engage with VR content. [Source: Social Media Today]

  1. Google’s cloud team is building A.I. chips for web-connected devices

Google is moving beyond developing artificial intelligence chips for its own data centers and is now designing them to work inside products made by other companies. [Source: CNBC]

  1. Google allows advertisers to buy ads.txt authorized-only inventory

Google has announced that advertisers using Display & Video 360 (formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager) can now opt to only buy inventory that has been authorized via a publisher’s ads.txt file. [Source: MARTECH TODAY]

  1. Facebook’s Bringing Ads to Facebook Stories, Expanding Reach Options

Facebook’s been testing ads in Stories for the last few months, with Facebook-owned Oculus among the first participants. Soon, you’ll also be able to run ads in stories on Facebook to extend your reach to customers across multiple platforms. [Source: Social Media Today]

  1. Google Ads intros new URL parameter options ahead of parallel tracking deadline

Google is introducing two landing page URL parameter options in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) ahead of the parallel tracking deadline. [Source: Search Engine Land]

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