Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Google’s New Ad Tools, Twitter’s Automated Captions, LinkedIn New Features to Company Page & more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • September 4, 2020,
1.Google Adds New Ad Tools for Retailers Ahead of the Holiday Push

Google has announced some new ad options for retailers ahead of the coming holiday season, aiming to help retailers make the most of their connection opportunities. [Source: Social Media Today]

2. Twitter to Add Automated Captions to Audio and Video

Twitter is working on adding automated captions to audio and video as part of a larger effort to make the platform more accessible. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

3. LinkedIn Adds 3 New Features to Company Pages

LinkedIn is adding new features to company pages to address challenges created by the pandemic and resulting shift toward remote working. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

4. Google Images is making it easier to license photo rights

Google is rolling out an update to Google Images designed to make it easier to license photographs or pictures that are covered by copyright. [Source: The Verge]

5. Pinterest Tests Product Ratings, “Best Seller” Labels, More

Pinterest is currently testing a number of new shopping features designed to draw more attention to products pins aiming to lead to more sales for retailers. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

6. AdSense Deleting Reporting Data – Will Show Last 3 Years

Google is removing historical reporting data older than three years in order to improve accuracy, speed and usability of the reports. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

7. Google Ads to limit Search Terms reporting, citing privacy

Google has begun alerting advertisers that it will soon stop showing search queries that triggered their ads when there is not “significant” data. [Source: Search Engine Land]

8. Microsoft Ads Rolls Out Redesign of Management Interface

Microsoft Ads is finally rolling out a redesign of its interface which will be appearing in accounts over the next several weeks. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

9. Twitter Adds Example Tweets to Selected Trends in Order to Provide More Context

Twitter has launched a new test which will see it display example tweets alongside trending topics in its lists, which will provide more context as to why that topic is trending. [Source: Social Media Today]

10. Google Announces Home Activities Rich Results

Google has announced a new Rich Result that corresponds to home activity events. These results will appear when an appropriate search query triggers. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

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