Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Google’s new interface for shows, Facebook’s Click-to-WhatsApp ads, Instagram’s Tap-Through feed test and more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 4, 2019,

1.Google search tests new interface for movie, TV show streaming options

Google is testing a change in the search results for movie and TV show streaming options. Google first launched this feature in the knowledge panel back in 2017. The test adds more streaming providers and options. [Source: Search Engine Land]

2.Facebook adds new reporting for Click-to-WhatsApp ads

Facebook has added traffic, conversions and page post engagement objectives for its Click-to-WhatsApp ads — ads that launch a WhatsApp chat via the Facebook News Feed. [Source: Marketing Land]

3.Instagram’s Tap-Through Feed Test is Likely Not Done With Yet

Users were shocked, surprised and ultimately – going by the related Twitter discussion – angered by the potential loss of the familiar scroll functionality, which, according to various reports, is what triggered Instagram’s quick reversal of what they called a ‘bug’, though that’s not exactly how it played out. [Source: Social Media Today]

4.New Auto Spam Detection Feature from Google Keeps Your Mobile Text Inbox Spam-free

After six months of working on the feature, Google has started rolling out the spam protection feature for Messages for its Android users. [Source: Logicserve Digital]

5.LinkedIn Improves Help Listings by Adding Contextual Prompts

LinkedIn has updated its Help Center tools to make them more contextually relevant, enabling users to connect with the right assistance faster and without having to go into a separate section of the platform. [Source: Social Media Today]

6.Google featured snippets can now jump to section of content it is sourcing

Google can now link to some content it is showing in their search results in a new way. Instead of just linking to the page, Google can anchor you to the exact spot of the answer you are looking for and highlight the block of text that is most relevant to your query. [Source: Search Engine Land]

7.WhatsApp to introduce a controversial feature to monetise platform soon

WhatsApp is all set to introduce advertisements for the million of its users across the world. The controversial move to monetise the platform is in contradiction with the promise its original founders had made in 2012 when they assured its users to never use ads. [Source: Business Today]

8.Google emphasizes ‘Message this business’ in new local search test

Google is testing a bigger push for the messaging option within the local panel. Google launched messaging within Google My Business in July 2017. Google is now testing a way to promote messaging more to searchers in the local panel by using a larger message button. [Source: Search Engine Land]

9.Facebook is reportedly bringing in local IT firms to moderate fake news in India

Facebook is reportedly bringing in firms like HCL Technologies, Wipro and Tech Mahindra to help moderate content on the social networking platform. [Source: Business Insider]

10.PPC 2018 in Review: How These Top 5 Trends will Impact Paid Advertisers in 2019

2018 was a huge year for PPC marketing. We take a look at how the trends and changes of 2018, shape the way paid search marketers will work in 2019 and beyond. [Source: Logicserve Digital]

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