Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Google’s Parallel Tracking For Video Ads, Facebook’s Site For App Marketers, YouTube’s New Monetization Ways & more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • February 19, 2021,

1.Google to transition to parallel tracking for Video ads by April 30

Google announced that the deadline to adopt parallel tracking for Video ad campaigns is April 30. This announcement specifically applies just to Video campaigns. [Source: Search Engine Land]

2. Facebook Launches New Site to Help App Marketers Deal with Coming IDFA Changes

Facebook has launched a new mini-site dedicated to providing alternate ad options and tools for its Audience Network partners. [Source: Social Media Today]

3. YouTube is Adding New Ways For Creators to Make Money

YouTube plans to roll out new monetization opportunities for creators, including ways to make money directly from viewers. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

4. Google brings Display ads to attribution reports as an open beta

Google has added Display ads to its Google Ads attribution reporting as an open beta. Allowing advertisers to see Display ads alongside search and YouTube. [Source: Search Engine Land]

5. YouTube Update: See Other Channels Your Audience Watches

YouTube is giving creators access to new data that will allow them to see which other channels their audience watches on a regular basis. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

6. Google updated metric boundaries for core web vitals in Search Console

Google made a small change to the metric boundaries it uses for defining red versus yellow versus green scores in core web vitals report in Search Console. [Source: Search Engine Land]

7. Google Images Is Dropping Duplicate Search Results, Making User Experience Even Better

Google rolled out a Google Image Search algorithm which will reduce the consecutively appearing similar pictures on the Image search and replace it with something different but relevant to the search. [Source: Digital Information World]

8. Responsive search ads now the default in Google Ads

Google announced that RSAs will officially become the default ad type for Search campaigns in Google Ads, though expanded text ads can still be created. [Source: Search Engine Land]

9. YouTube Rolls Out New Video Comparison Tools for Creators

YouTube is adding new tools that will allow creators to compare the performance of their videos over time. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

10. LinkedIn Is Developing a New Program to Support Content Creators on the Platform

LinkedIn’s looking to develop a new framework to support content creators on its platform, and encourage more posting. [Source: Social Media Today]

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