Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Google’s redesigned Assistant, Facebook’s ‘Premieres’ videos, Twitter’s In-Stream Video Ads and more..

By Logicserve News Desk

  • October 5, 2018,

  1. Google redesigns the Assistant for touch and digital transactions

Google is announcing a redesign of the Assistant that makes the experience on smartphones, especially Android, more touch-friendly and visually interactive. [Source: Search Engine Land]

  1. Facebook’s ‘Premieres’ videos now available to all global Pages

Facebook is rolling out its Premieres video format — pre-recorded videos that play as live footage — to all global Pages. The company is also expanding its Top Fans feature and Live Polls to global Pages as well. [Source: Marketing Land]

  1. Twitter Expands In-Stream Video Ads to All Regions

Twitter has announced a relatively small, but contextually significant, update. Now, advertisers using the platform’s in-stream video ads will be able to reach a global audience with their ad content, as opposed to being region-restricted. [Source: Social Media Today]

  1. Google Search Console snapshot arrives in search results

Google is now showing some users a snapshot or brief dashboard of their Google Search Console metrics directly in the search results. That is, if you are a verified user of the site in Google Search Console and your site comes up in the search results for that query. [Source: Search Engine Land]

  1. Facebook Messenger Design Revamp – All You Need to Know About It

Those who use Facebook’s messenger service would support the fact that the application is riddled with features that one can easily do without. In an attempt to keep the layout cleaner, Facebook has launched a cleaner version of the messenger app. [Source: Logicserve Digital]

  1. YouTube Adds New Ad Extensions, Improved ‘Brand Lift’ Metrics

As part of Advertising Week New York, YouTube has announced some new ad tools which are designed to provide more capacity to improve response and measure ad performance. [Source: Social Media Today]

  1. Google Lets Advertisers Copy Column Preferences to the New Google Ads

Google is making it possible for advertisers to copy column preferences from the classic Google Ads to the new version. Copying column preferences will work even for advertisers that no longer have access to the classic version of Google Ads. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

  1. Facebook’s Adding a Range of New Tools to Marketplace to Mark the Option’s Second Anniversary

Facebook’s effort to tap into the popularity of buy, swap and sell groups, Facebook Marketplace, is two years old this week, and to mark the occasion, The Social Network has outlined some interesting new, AI-fueled tools to enhance the Marketplace experience, and boost Facebook’s evolving eCommerce efforts. [Source: Social Media Today]

  1. LinkedIn Flags Coming Updates for Sponsored Content Aimed at Improving ROI

LinkedIn has flagged a set of upcoming tests and changes aimed at improving the offering through Sponsored Content. The professional network will test and roll out a series of changes to Sponsored Content that are designed to help you generate higher-quality clicks on your ads and improve campaign ROI. [Source: Social Media Today]

  1. Facebook Tests New Snap Map-Style Feature, Additional Tools for Facebook Stories

Facebook has uncovered a few interesting functions in the back-end of Facebook Stories feature which may be rolling out in the near future. These include Stories Map, new stickers. [Source: Social Media Today]

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