Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Google DV360’s new targeting options, Pinterest’s new video feature, LinkedIn Campaign Manager’s new features & More…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • July 12, 2019,
1. Google announces changes to environment, position targeting settings in DV360

In an effort to provide advertisers with more accurate and granular ad targeting options in Display & Video 360, Google will be launching a revamped experience for environment and position targeting settings on August 26, 2019. [Source: MarTech Today]

2. New Pinterest features encourage brands and creators to upload more videos

Pinterest has introduced a new and improved video uploader, a video tab on business profiles that allows brands to feature all their videos in one place. Pinterest is allowing creators and businesses to schedule videos ahead of time with a new Pin Scheduler tool. [Source: Tech Crunch]

3. LinkedIn updates Campaign Manager, adds brand awareness, conversion campaign options

LinkedIn is adding three new features to its Campaign Manager advertising platform, along with an optimized click pricing option. The new features include Brand Awareness campaigns, Enhanced Website Conversion capabilities, Ads for LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers & Optimized Click Pricing. [Source: MarTech Today]

4. New Google Shopping program enables customer photos to show with their product reviews

Google Shopping is bringing customer photos to the product reviews sections of advertisers’ listings. Reviews are accessible from the “View more” option on mobile Shopping ads or by clicking on the star ratings in a listing. [Source: Search Engine Land]

5. Twitter ArtHouse launches to give brands more access to creators, influencers

Twitter is launching a new initiative to help connect brands with influencers and creators. Twitter ArtHouse will involve a global team of content strategists, digital producers and influencer marketing specialists and offer video editing and live broadcasting services. [Source: Marketing Land]

6. Google Broad Core Updates And Why Some Health Sites Affected

Google’s broad core updates have been speculated to affect some health sites. However, the changes may affect a broad range of sites, not just health related sites. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

7. Facebook shows users more details about data used to target ads

Facebook’s efforts to be more transparent with users regarding their advertising practices requires the company to pull back the curtain on many advertisers’ ad targeting strategies. The move means marketers need to be using legitimate resources to collect data and create audience lists. [Source: Marketing Land]

8. YouTube is adding more ways for creators to make money

YouTube is adding more ways for video creators to make money, as the company and its users work toward becoming less reliant on sometimes-uncertain advertising deals. The new features include more subscription options, additional merchandise partners, and another way to receive tips during live streams. [Source: The Verge]

9. Microsoft Advertising Rolls Out Tool That Creates Hundreds of Ad Variations

Microsoft Advertising is introducing ad customizers which help reduce setup time and are also said to improve ad quality. Ad customizers allow advertisers to create hundreds of different variations of a single ad. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

10. YouTube is launching educational playlists that won’t include algorithmic recommendations

YouTube is introducing a new education feature called Learning Playlists that will offer dedicated landing pages for educational videos on a variety of topics, including math, science, music, and language. [Source: The Verge]

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