Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Google’s Updated Search Console Coverage Report, Snapchat’s ‘Events’ Options, YouTube’s New Metrics & more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 15, 2021,

1.Google updates the Search Console coverage report

Google announced it has made substantial updates to the coverage report within Google Search Console. The change is focused on providing a more accurate state to existing issues. [Source: Search Engine Land]

2. Snapchat Is Working on a New ‘Events’ Option to Facilitate IRL Meet-Ups

Snapchat is working on ‘Events’, which would enable users to add event details into a sticker that they could then add to their Snaps and invite their friends to join. [Source: Social Media Today]

3. YouTube Analytics Adds ‘First 24 Hours’ Metric

YouTube is adding a new metric that allows creators to analyze the performance of a video within the first 24 hours after publishing. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

4. Google News performance report added to Google Search Console

Google launched a new dedicated performance report within Google Search Console for Google News publishers. [Source: Search Engine Land]

5. YouTube Launches Next Phase of Program to Tag Items Within Video Clips

YouTube is launching a live test of its new process which will enable creators to tag products within their video clips. [Source: Social Media Today]

6. Google Sends Notifications of HTTP/2 Googlebot Crawling

Google announced that it is sending out notices to let publishers know that Google has begun crawling their websites with the advanced HTTP/2 protocol. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

7. LinkedIn Adds Swipe-Up Links to LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn has now officially launched the capacity to add links into your LinkedIn Stories – though it’s not available to all users at this stage. [Source: Social Media Today]

8. YouTube Turns on Post-Roll Ads For All Monetized Videos

YouTube is advising creators that post-roll ads are now activated by default on all monetized videos. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

9. Snapchat Adds Public View Counts to its TikTok-Like ‘Spotlight’ Feed

Snapchat has taken another step towards making its TikTok-like ‘Spotlight’ feed more similar to TikTok, by adding public view counts on Spotlight clips. [Source: Social Media Today]

10. YouTube’s Introducing Entire Webpages Dedicated To Hashtags

Hashtags on YouTube are getting dedicated landing pages showcasing exclusive content curated for the viewing pleasure of users across the platform. [Source: Digital Information World]

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