Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Google’s updated PageSpeed Insights tool, Instagram’s new shopping features, YouTube’s VR options and more…

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 16, 2018,
  1. Google PageSpeed Insights tool gets a major update with more data from Lighthouse

Google has quietly rolled out a new update to its PageSpeed Insights tool. The new update uses Lighthouse, a speed tool from Google, as its analysis engine and also incorporates field data provided by the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) into the tool. [Source: Search Engine Land]

  1. Instagram unveils 3 new shopping features ahead of holidays

Instagram launched three new shopping features on Thursday that will help retailers gain more exposure for the products they’re promoting on the platform. [Source: Marketing Land]

  1. YouTube Adds New VR Options to Expand Creative Opportunities

YouTube has this week announced a new set of upgrades to help VR creators build more immersive experiences. [Source: Social Media Today]

  1. Adding Subdomains and Domains Together Now Possible on Google Search Console

The research and development team at Google Search Console is assessing a unique method to enable users to seamlessly add all data for a site’s subdomains, domains, and subpaths. [Source: Logicserve Digital]

  1. AMP Story Ads come out of beta with Google Ad Manager support for direct sold ads

In July, Google announced a beta for publishers using Google Ad Manager (formerly DoubleClick For Publishers) to serve ads in AMP stories. AMP Story Ads are now out of beta, Google announced on Wednesday. [Source: Marketing Land]

  1. 4 new search metrics in Google Ads to give you what you really wanted out of average position

Google recently unveiled four new metrics that are more helpful than average position to understand where your ads actually sit on the page. [Source: Search Engine Land]

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator gets new engagement alerts, Custom Lists, more mobile search features

LinkedIn announced new updates to its Sales Navigator platform on Wednesday. Since launching the “Deals” features in August, the sales management platform has introduced new engagement alert notifications, added a Custom List feature and extended all desktop search features to the mobile app. [Source: MARTECH TODAY]

  1. Google Adds New Options to Manage Your Search Presence to its Google My Business App

Google has announced a new update of its Google My Business app, which is designed to make it easier to connect with local businesses, while also adding to Google’s ‘social-like’ tools which are designed to fend off rising competition from social apps. [Source: Social Media Today]

  1. Google Maps Now Lets Users Send Messages to Businesses

Google has rolled out its business messaging capabilities to Google Maps. Messages will appear in the side menu of the Google Maps app and can be initiated by tapping the ‘Message’ button on business profiles. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

  1. Google launches portal to help developers build modern web sites

Google has launched a new portal at web.dev that aims to help developers build modern capabilities on their websites and apps. The portal lets you run an audit against your website and scores it against benchmarks for performance as well as standards for progressive web apps, adherence to best practices, accessibility and SEO. [Source: Search Engine Land]

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