Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Meta Announces Instagram Explore Home Ads Placement, Google Play streamlines policies around kids, Meta Launches New Sports Experience in VR & More….

By LS Digital News Desk

  • November 18, 2022,

1.Meta Announces Instagram Explore Home Ads Placement Via Marketing API

Meta formally announced the ‘Instagram Explore home’ Ads Placements via the Instagram Marketing API which allows marketers to run ads on the Instagram Explore home page. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

2. Google Play Makes a Series Of Changes For Apps Designed For Kids

Google Play has rolled out a series of changes to various programs and policies linked to Android apps that are designed for kids. [Source: Digital Information World]

3. Meta Launches New Sports Experience in VR Which Could Help to Spark Interest in the Metaverse

Meta has announced the launch of XTADIUM on Meta Quest, which will enable Meta VR users to experience sports in a more immersive, engaging way. [Source: Social Media Today]

4. G2 launches Market Intelligence dashboard

G2, the software and services review site, has launched G2 Market Intelligence, an interactive dashboard giving software vendors increased visibility into the data G2 gathers about in-market software purchasers. [Source: MarTech]

5. Google launches new search, shopping and maps features

Google has announced a boatload of new search features across Google Search, Google Lens, Shopping and Maps all aimed at bringing search to more users in more helpful ways. [Source: Search Engine Land]

6. Meta Releases ‘Galactica’ AI System Which Can Produce Academic Papers Based on Simple Prompts

Meta has launched a demo version of its new ‘Galactica’ language model for scientific papers, which is able to summarize academic literature, solve math problems, generate Wiki articles, and more. [Source: Social Media Today]

7. Meta Launches Campaign To Support Small Business Shopping

Meta is kicking off a marketing campaign to encourage customers to assist small to medium-sized companies (SMBs) throughout the vacation purchasing season. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

8. Google Adds New Search Tools for the Holidays, Including AR Try-On Tools and Map Overlays

Google’s adding some new Search enhancements for the holidays, in order to help businesses maximize interest in the peak shopping season. [Source: Social Media Today]

9. WhatsApp Always Bless its Users by Introducing New Features For Them To Enjoy

WhatsApp has rolled out many new features for its users. The most fascinating ones are polls and communities, and viewable profile pictures within a group chat. [Source: Digital Information World]

10. LinkedIn Launches New ‘Brand Safety Hub’ to Manage Audience Network Placements

LinkedIn has launched a new Brand Safety hub for its Audience Network ads, which will enable advertisers to find out more information about LinkedIn’s partner platforms. [Source: Social Media Today]





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