Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Meta Develops New Translation Process, Snapchat’s AR Diwali filters for local sweet shops, Google Makes Audio Ads Available to All Advertisers & More….

By LS Digital News Desk

  • October 21, 2022,

1.Meta Develops New Speech-to-Speech Real-Time Audio Translation Process

Meta has developed a new, AI-based speech-to-speech translation process, which will eventually provide more opportunities for people to connect, in real-time, despite language barriers. [Source: Social Media Today]

2. Snapchat introduces AR Diwali filters for local sweet shops

Snapchat supports local sweet shops by giving them an AR Diwali makeover and urges users to use it to give these shops a festive glow. [Source: Social Samosa]

3. Google Makes Audio Ads Available to All Advertisers

Google is making audio ads available to all advertisers, giving businesses more ways to reach music and podcast listeners on YouTube. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

4. Game App Developers Focus on In-App Spending After App Store Raises Prices

Apple recently announced an increase in prices on the App Store in the wake of the global recession, and that can negatively impact gaming developers by reducing their share of the profits. [Source: Digital Information World]

5. Meta launches paid partnership tag for Facebook Reels

Branded Content has now been enabled for Facebook Reels by Meta globally, and all creators can share a disclosure of their collaboration through the paid partnership tags. [Source: Social Samosa]

6. Instagram Adds New Safety Features, Including Improved Blocking and New Pop-Up Alerts

Instagram’s added some new safety tools to give users more control over their in-app experience. [Source: Social Media Today]

7. Early Trials Show That Google FLEDGE Is Flopping

In the first four months of testing, only five ad-tech companies have expressed interest in the new tech. [Source: Search Engine Land]

8. Photoshop Simplifies its Editing Process by Adding New AI Tools And Collaborations

Adobe wants editors to leave its Photoshop happier than ever and that means simplifying the entire editing process with the best tools and AI-powered collaborations. [Source: Digital Information World]

9. Microsoft Bing is Getting an AI Image Generator

Microsoft is adding an AI image generator to its Bing search engine, which enables users to create digital art from text input. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

10. Snapchat Announces New Features for Snapchat+, Including Custom Story Expiry Options

Snapchat announced new features for Snapchat+, including customizable options for story expiry; a simple way to gift a subscription to a friend; customizable notification sounds; and more. [Source: Social Media Today]

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