Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Meta Outlines New AI Process Designed to Replicate How Humans Perceive Images, LinkedIn Enhances Collaborative Articles and Profile Verification, YouTube creator-centric features and new playback controls & More….

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  • October 21, 2023,

1.Meta Outlines New AI Process Designed To Replicate How Humans Perceive Images

Meta’s AI advances are claiming to be able to translate how the human brain perceives visual inputs, with a view to simulating human-like thinking. [Source: Social Media Today]

2. LinkedIn Enhances Collaborative Articles and Profile Verification

LinkedIn has announced some new updates for its Collaborative Articles feature, which uses AI-generated prompts as a starting point, and calls on specific LinkedIn users to share their expertise on the chosen topic. [Source: Digital Information World]

3. YouTube launches creator-centric features and new playback controls

YouTube rolls out new features for efficient video playback and creator-friendly tools that will highlight like and subscribe buttons when a creator says it. [Source: Social Samosa]

4. Snapchat Launches New Tools To Facilitate Creator Collaborations with Brands

Snapchat has announced some new creator collaboration ad tools in the lead-up to the holiday shopping push, providing more ways to maximize brand exposure in the app. [Source: Social Media Today]

5. YouTube Announces New AI Tools to Help Advertisers Reach Audiences

Brands will be able to employ AI to automatically pinpoint the most trending YouTube videos associated with specific cultural occasions. Advertisers gain the ability to display their ads within videos that are relevant to these topics or events. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

6. WhatsApp launches passwordless logins with fingerprint or facial recognition

WhatsApp launches a new feature. Android users can now log in to their WhatsApp accounts using fingerprint or facial recognition instead of using a password. [Source: Social Samosa]

7. Google Chrome’s Address Bar Gets a Makeover

Chrome’s drop-down menu have undergone a visual makeover. They are now more accessible to read and more responsive when you start typing. [Source: Digital Information World]

8. Google October 2023 Core Update rollout is now complete

Core updates target the primary ranking systems in Google’s search engine algorithms. They aim to promote authoritative, trustworthy and helpful content while downgrading low-quality sites. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

9. Threads Adds Instagram Profile Tags, Providing More Interconnection Between Apps

Instagram has added another growth feature for Threads, which enables you to tag Instagram users who don’t yet have a Threads account, so that you can follow them if/when they do. [Source: Social Media Today]

10. YouTube’s Revolutionary News Watch Page: Your Immersive News Experience

YouTube has launched a watch page dedicated solely to news stories in what can only be described as the technological revolution of the century. It’s here to satisfy your voracious need for breaking news on the platform. [Source: Digital Information World]

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