Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Microsoft Ads introduces faster and easier access to performance data, Google launches new approach to marketing mix modelling, Google allows users to fine-tune Gemini for more precise responses, and more…..

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  • March 15, 2024,

1.Microsoft Ads introduces faster and easier access to performance data

Microsoft Advertising launched a new tool called Insights Navigator, designed to provide faster, easier access to key data insights and performance reports. [Source: Search Engine Land]

2. Google launches new approach to marketing mix modeling

Google’s looking to help marketers make better use of marketing mix modeling (MMM) in order to more accurately measure the impact of their expanded marketing efforts across multiple channels. [Source: Social Media Today]

3. Google allows users to fine-tune Gemini for more precise responses

Search engine giant Google is rolling out changes to its AI chatbot Gemini so that it can produce more precise replies. [Source: Digital Information World]

4. Microsoft Ads expands Copilot to more advertisers

Copilot allows marketers to instantly generate assets for campaigns, such as images, headlines, and descriptions. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

5. EU implements new laws on AI development

In some ways, the EU is way ahead on technological regulation, and in taking proactive steps to ensure consumer protection is factored into the new digital landscape. [Source: Social Media Today]

6. Improve your return on ad spend with first-party data

To reach the right customers at the right time with the right message, you need a strong data strategy. Learn how to optimize advertising performance with privacy-safe, real-time event forwarding. [Source: Search Engine Land]

7. Web3: Pioneering sustainability in the digital age

Web3 is a buzzword happening all around at the moment and we have done a lot of work with it! With our ebook,  many interviews and our Web3 platform, Crowd covers it all. However, one specific area that captivates our attention is the environmental impact of Web3. [Source: Digital Agency Network]

8. Meta announces updates to advantage+ and shopping Ads

Meta has announced a heap of new ad updates, primarily focused on retailers and those using its automated Advantage+ campaigns. [Source: Social Media Today]

9. How mobile data drives omnichannel success

Kevin McGurn, vice-president of sales, marketing, and distribution at T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, explores how the power of first-party mobile data continues to prove highly successful in campaigns for leading brands. [Source: The Drum]

10. LinkedIn will now enable brands to sponsor any organic post in the app

LinkedIn is expanding its Thought Leader ads into its own version of branded content promotion, by enabling businesses to promote content from any user in the app, not just their own employees. [Source: Social Media Today]

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