Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Microsoft embraces Google’s privacy approach for advertising, Survey reveals vast generational differences in shopping habits, Yes, TV is still the place to be for today’s advertisers, and more…..

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  • March 8, 2024,

1.Microsoft embraces Google’s privacy approach for advertising

Microsoft has decided to use Google’s Privacy Sandbox standards for its advertising services. [Source: Digital Information World]

2. Survey reveals vast generational differences in shopping habits

Gen-Z’s spending and online consumption patterns are radically different from any other generation’s, a new survey from Whop America’s leading marketplace for digital goods reveals. [Source: Social Media Today]

3. Yes, TV is still the place to be for today’s advertisers

Linear television is still a dominant force in today’s media mix, however, audiences continue to flock to streaming for a seemingly endless amount of on-demand content. [Source: ADWEEK]

4. How programmatic audio is reshaping digital marketing

In the changing realm of digital media, audio advertising is gaining traction and igniting loud conversations. With its remarkable growth trajectory and the ability to forge innovative connections between brands and audiences, it’s no surprise that marketers are tuning in eagerly. [Source: ADWEEK]

5. OpenAI introduces voiceover feature to ChatGPT

OpenAI has added a new feature to ChatGPT called “Read Aloud.” This feature lets the chatbot speak its responses out loud. It’s not a new version like GPT-5, as some had thought. Instead, it’s an update to make ChatGPT more user-friendly. [Source: Digital Information World]

6. So you’ve built a loyalty program. How do you measure success?

Customer choice is endless and acquisition costs are at an all-time high, so it makes sense that marketers are turning to customer loyalty programs to stand out. [Source: ADWEEK]

7. InvGate’s AI Hub automatically generates knowledge articles from IT incidents

Once a company reaches a certain size or level of complexity particularly in regards to the processes that its employees and contractors are assigned to go through it may be prudent for the firm to start maintaining a knowledge base of articles explaining how to do things and resolve common issues. [Source: Venture Beat]

8. New benchmark might keep toxic AI prompts at bay

Any AI that is accessible to consumers will have some restrictions that prevent it from using certain types of language or addressing certain specific topics. [Source: Digital Information World]

9. Could AI promote longer client-agency relationships?

Successful agency-client relationships are long-lived relationships. But the duration of these marriages has shrunk in recent years, preventing agencies – especially smaller shops and indies – from making a real difference to a brand’s marketing objectives and exposing their staffers to the exhaustion of non-stop pitching. [Source: The Drum]

10. Digital 2024 report reveals surge in Ad spend, highlights importance of SEO and social media marketing

This year’s “The Digital 2024: Global Overview Report” is out, which is a collaborative effort of the good folks over at We are Social and Meltwater. [Source: Digital Information World]

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