Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Snapchat Adds Generative AI Profile Backgrounds for Snapchat+ Subscribers, Most Essential Digital Marketing Tools for 2023, Meta Releases New Visual Segmentation and Object Identification Process to Assist in AR/VR Development & More…

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  • April 8, 2023,

1.Snapchat Adds Generative AI Profile Backgrounds for Snapchat+ Subscribers

Snapchat has added another AI element, with new generative AI profile backgrounds now available for Snapchat+ subscribers in the app. [Source: Social Media Today]

2. Here Are the Most Essential Digital Marketing Tools for 2023

There are just under 10,000 tools that are currently available, or 9,932 to be precise. That reveals the enormous quantity of choices that marketers can try out, but they would still need help in figuring out which ones would be most useful to them from an advertising standpoint. [Source: Digital Information World]

3. Meta Releases New Visual Segmentation and Object Identification Process to Assist in AR/VR Development

A key element in the development of AR experiences is entity identification, with an effective AR system able to identify different objects in the world around you. [Source: Social Media Today]

4. Google updates Bard to improve math, logic responses

Google Bard just got an upgrade. By incorporating Google’s PaLM language models, Bard is now better at math and logic responses. [Source: Search Engine Land]

5. What Can ChatGPT Do for us? The Full Essence of The Powerful AI Tool Unveiled

The tool has revolutionized the tech world in more ways than most could have imagined. And the makers of the program are now reaping the success of their hard work. [Source: Digital Information World]

6. LinkedIn Adds Algorithmically Suggested Posts to Boost Engagement

LinkedIn is the latest social media platform to add in algorithmically recommended posts from across its network, expanding the pool of content that it can display to users in-stream. [Source: Social Media Today]

7. Microsoft Advertising: Professional Service Ads, Enhanced CPC, And More For Spring

Microsoft Advertising announced several new features. Learn how advertisers can use them to save time and reduce cost per acquisition. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

8. Twitter Publishes its Tweet Ranking Algorithm Data on GitHub, Providing More Transparency in Process

Twitter has published its recommendation algorithm code on GitHub for everyone to see, while it’s also posted a new overview of how its tweet recommendation algorithm works. [Source: Social Media Today]

9. Apple says ‘Hello Mumbai’ at first India store launch

Apple Inc on Wednesday revealed the look of its first retail store in India, as several people tried to catch a glimpse outside the store’s black and yellow artwork patterned after Mumbai’s iconic taxis. [Source: bdnew24.com]

10. Twitter Announces New API Access Tiers, Which Could Price Many Third Party Apps Out of the Market

Twitter has rolled out its new pricing plans for API access, which could force many smaller apps and third-party tools out of the market, with the Twitter 2.0 team significantly upping the price. [Source: Social Media Today]

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