Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: The Moon is About to Get 4G Internet, Snap Inc introduces AR Enterprise Services for brands, Meta Claims the Future of Computing Will Take Place On The Metaverse & More…

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  • April 1, 2023,

1.The Moon is About to Get 4G Internet

Nokia is stepping in to bring 4G internet to the lunar surface! Collaborating with Space X, the Finnish telecom giant is planning to launch the network this year on the moon. [Source: Digital Information World]

2. Snap Inc introduces AR Enterprise Services for brands and businesses

The new B2B offering by Snap Inc enables brands to integrate the company’s AR technology suite into the brand’s platforms, app, website, and physical locations. [Source: Social Samosa]

3. Meta Claims the Future of Computing Will Take Place On The Metaverse

Meta is shedding light on the future of the computing world and how strongly the tech giant feels it would take place on the Metaverse. [Source: Digital Information World]

4. Meta Launches Updated Version of WhatsApp for Windows

Meta’s launched a new version of WhatsApp for Windows PCs, which includes an updated UI for multi-person chats, providing more capacity to use WhatsApp for video meetings. [Source: Social Media Today]

5. How the March 2023 Google core update compared to previous core updates

The Google March 2023 broad core update is done rolling out, let’s take a deeper dive into how this core update differed from previous Google core updates. [Source: Search Engine Land]

6. Pinterest adds new tools & features to enhance shopping experience

Pinterest’s new tools have drawn inspiration from the users and partners to create an ecosystem for people to shop with intent and buy what they love, and introduced a few features such as Shuffles, Catalogs, and new formats like Pinterest Premiere Spotlight. Here’s what led to these updates. [Source: Social Samosa]

7. Apple Rolls Out Its iOS 16.4 Update With A Series Of New And Exciting Features And Here’s What To Expect

Leading iPhone maker Apple has recently launched the latest update for its iOS 16.4.This entails a long list of new and exciting features including more sets of emojis, website push alerts, voice isolation for phone calls, and a lot more. [Source: Digital Information World]

8. Pinterest Shares Tips on How to Incorporate Sustainability Messaging in Your Ads

Pinterest recently conducted a study of 54 campaigns that included sustainability messages, in order to better understand how they impact consumer response.  [Source: Social Media Today]

9. Google Announces Exciting Advancements To Chrome And Google Classroom For Interactive Learning

Google has opted to introduce some exciting enchantments to its Chrome and Google Classroom as the tech giant opts to make learning more interactive. [Source: Digital Information World]

10. Reddit Launches ‘Simple Create’ Streamlined Ad Creation Process

Reddit’s looking to make it easier for brands to get into Reddit ads with a new ‘Simple Create’ option that streamlines the campaign set-up process. [Source: Social Media Today]

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