Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: Tumblr changes its web interface taking notes from X, LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features to Enhance Newsletters, Meta’s new AI model can translate up to 100 languages & More….

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  • August 25, 2023,

1.Tumblr changes its web interface taking notes from X

The platform has officially rolled out its new layout which seems to be inspired by X (Twitter) by letting select users use the updated layout. [Source: Social Samosa]

2. LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features to Enhance Newsletters

LinkedIn bolsters newsletters with a revamped interface, multiple newsletters per account, and automatic follows for subscribers. [Source: Search Engine Journal]

3. Meta’s new AI model can translate up to 100 languages

Meta’s new AI model, SeamlessM4T, can translate and transcribe languages through speech and text. [Source: Social Samosa]

4. YouTube Shares Advice for Shorts Creators, Including Notes on Hashtags, the Algorithm and More

YouTube has published a new interview in which Sherman answers some of the most common questions about Shorts, including how they use hashtags, how often you should post, the Shorts algorithm, and what’s coming next. [Source: Social Media Today]

5. Reddit launches first-party measurement tools

Reddit Brand Lift and Reddit Conversion Lift provide detailed campaign performance information to enable more efficient optimization. [Source: Search Engine Land]

6. Meta Announces Initial Launch of Threads Web App

Meta has announced that a Threads web app is being rolled out to users from this week, which will provide a means to view, post, and engage with Threads posts from your desktop PC. [Source: Social Media Today]

7. Meta Launches Handy Marketing Tool That Can Track Branded Content Campaigns Inside Its Ads Library

The company just launched a handy rollout that’s designed to track all kinds of branded campaigns across its Ads Library which would help in producing greater insights. [Source: Digital Information World]

8. Pinterest Rolls Out New Safety Tools to Protect Younger Users

Pinterest rolled out some new privacy features that are specifically designed to better protect younger users, including private profiles, mutual messaging restrictions, and updated controls over who can follow you in the app. [Source: Social Media Today]

9. YouTube launches Music AI Incubator by collaborating with Universal Music

The Music AI Incubator will help inform its approach as it collaborates with artists as the platform aims to protect copyright while exploring generative AI. [Source: Social Samosa]

10. Snapchat is expanding further into generative AI with ‘Dreams’

The platform plans to add ‘Dreams’ in its AI features, providing users to place their selfies in AI-generated backgrounds and further plans to monetize it. [Source: Tech Crunch]


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