Weekend Digital Media Round-up: Twitter Adds Privacy Controls, 7 Unannounced Updates To Google My Business, Visible History of Quality Score & more…

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  • May 19, 2017,
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  1. Distil Buys Are You A Human, Launches Free Bot Detection Plug-In For Google Analytics

The San Francisco-based Distil is now launching a free bot detection plug-in for Google Analytics, called Distil Bot Discovery, based in part on Human’s acquired tech. Deal terms were not made public. The companies said that the new plug-in is the first of its kind for Google Analytics (Source:  MARTECH TODAY)

  1. 7 Unannounced Updates To Google My Business We’ve Seen In 2017

We all know that Google is constantly launching updates to their products (over 1,600 last year), and some of these changes are well covered and some slip by unnoticed. Google has been quietly rolling out new features and updates to Google My Business over the last several months, and columnist Joy Hawkins has compiled these underreported changes.  (Source: Search Engine Land)

  1. Google Analytics Is Making It Easier To See Users Across AMP And Non-AMP Pages

Currently, the way Google Analytics separates users on AMP and non-AMP pages can make it difficult to get a full picture of user behavior across the two page formats. Now, Google is updating the way it counts and reports site visitors to AMP and non-AMP pages in Google Analytics by unifying user IDs. (Source: Marketing Land)

  1. In AdWords, Google Advertisers can now see the history of quality score data

By bifurcating the data on the day by day basis, the advertisers can see how end-of-day Quality Scores have change over a period of time. However, take note that ‘Qual. Score’ column will provide you the details of the current quality score even as you are looking at the score in a different date range. (Source: Logicserve Digital)

  1. Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Further Limit the Reach of Clickbait

Facebook’s rolling out a new News Feed algorithm update which focuses on reducing the reach of clickbait, which is still one of the most complained about elements of The Social Network.  Facebook’s been working to eliminate clickbait for years – in fact, ever since its inception back in 2013. (Source: Social Media Today)

  1. Four Valuable Tips to Turn Curious Shoppers into Customers

With such huge growth expectation, it has become more than important than ever before for the retailers to keep the customers engaged throughout their entire shopping experience. For all the retailers out there, the following four tips will greatly help you in accomplishing this. (Source : Logicserve Digital)

  1. Google Adds More Ads To Play Store, And Other App Ads News From I/O

Google will now show app ads on the Google Play Store home page and app listings pages. The company made several app ad announcements at the I/O developer conference Wednesday, including bidding options and a redesigned AdMob. (Source: Marketing Land)

  1. Google Confirms Jobs For Search Is Rolling Out

A couple of weeks ago we reported Google was testing a jobs search feature directly in the search results. This would allow you to search Google for [jobs] or specific types of jobs or location of jobs and get job listings directly in the search results. (Source: SEO Round Table)

  1. Adroll Launches ABM Capabilities For Personalized Programmatic Ad Campaigns

AdRoll has launched a set of account-based marketing capabilities. AdRoll ABM is designed to enable B2B marketers to target accounts with personalized programmatic advertising. Targeting is powered by advertisers’ own CRM data, as well as AdRoll IntentMap data for lookalike targeting. (Source: MARTECH TODAY)

  1. Twitter Adds Advanced Privacy Controls, New Data Collection Methods

Twitter has announced a new set of advanced privacy options which provide more insight into how your data is being used by the platform, and more control over such information, while they’re also boosting their capacity to collect similar insights, based on your web usage. (Source : Social Media Today)

  1. Funnel wise strategy for digital marketing – what should marketers know?

Just because you are on digital, doesn’t mean that time worn marketing principals are irrelevant. They are more so relevant now than ever. Digital allows us to collect, track, monitor and analyse data to make better-informed marketing decisions.

Digital mediums are only one facet of this transformation. The challenge before the marketer is to use this data, as it matures, for facilitating an omni-channel consumer journey.

–    Mr Jaimit Doshi, CMO, Coverfox Insurance

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