Weekend Digital Media Round-Up: What’s shaping today’s movie and TV streaming viewer behavior, Digital advertisers still looking for recipe to thrive in cookieless world, 2024 SEO tools & tactics to refresh your strategy & boost performance, and more…..

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  • March 22, 2024,

1.What’s shaping today’s movie and TV streaming viewer behavior?

People—especially Millennials and Gen Z—are reevaluating their relationship with streaming services. [Source: Adweek]

2. Digital advertisers still looking for recipe to thrive in cookieless world

Google’s new identity solution that allows publishers and advertisers to match first-party data to deliver personalized ads. [Source: Search Engine Land]

3. 2024 SEO tools & tactics to refresh your strategy & boost performance

Make your SEO strategy a success with generative AI and Google’s Search Generative Experience. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and SEO tools for 2024! [Source: Search Engine Journal]

4. Measuring effectiveness, retail media, AI and first-party data will dominate 2024

The acceptance of new tools for measuring media effectiveness, the activation of new media strategies, a boom in retail media and the move towards developing new first-party data strategies in light of the cookie-less world were all key themes for senior marketers. [Source: The Drum]

5. How brands should be thinking about spatial technology and the mixed-reality future

With the launch of Apple Vision Pro earlier this year, the start of the spatial computing era has begun in earnest. The $3,499 device initially sold 200,000 units, not exactly at the same pace as the iPhone when it was introduced in 2007. [Source: Adweek]

6. Content chaos grows as marketers struggle with omnichannel demands

Hyper personalisation and localisation may be the end goal for most brands, but an increasing number of marketers are scrambling to manage the complex content requirements needed to deliver a truly omnichannel marketing approach. [Source: Marketing Tech]

7. AI drives major shift in 2024 SEO strategies

In light of advancements in AI technology, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape in 2024 is set to experience a paradigm shift. [Source: DMN]

8. The future of B2B growth? Your brand

When B2B executives and board members recognize that brand is not only a logo, but rather a shorthand used by current and prospective customers to be comfortable with your products, the growth possibilities are virtually endless. [Source: Adweek]

9. How mobile data drives omnichannel success

Kevin McGurn, vice-president of sales, marketing, and distribution at T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, explores how the power of first-party mobile data continues to prove highly successful in campaigns for leading brands. [Source: The Drum]

10. How programmatic audio is reshaping digital marketing

Enter programmatic audio: A transformative solution that not only simplifies the ad-buying process but also elevates audience engagement to position itself as a pivotal development in audio advertising. [Source: Adweek]

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