What every Affiliate marketer should know?

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  • April 8, 2014,
What every affiliate marketer needs to know @Logicserve Digi

What every affiliate marketer needs to know @Logicserve Digi

Affiliate Marketing is a tough nut to crack. What might look like a simple exercise of providing links of certain products on a web page and directing traffic to it has too many layers to the entire initiative. The naive idea about affiliate marketing is that the marketer simply produces content which direct an audience to the products in the clients’ page.

To be an affiliate marketer, you need to understand SEO and offer quality content whilst promoting the offers in the best possible way. Sounds steep, doesn’t it? Well, here are few things which every affiliate marketer should know.

It takes time

Affiliate marketing requires patient before you actually make some money. If you are going to start affiliate marketing, you should be prepared to be patient and keep trying, till you become (almost) unsustainable!

Focus on a niche

Choose a niche product or service which you are comfortable in promoting. It will be easier and more effective to attract traffic to the sort of products that you know about and can contribute originally. This does imply steer away from popular or common products and services to which many affiliates are already linked up with.


While you should focus on a niche, your campaigns shouldn’t be about one seller only. So, writing a blog post about “Best LED TVs” and promoting it, is far better than writing 10 blog posts about the same LED TV. It’s a fact that you are just a promoter. In the end the products may or may not pan out for the best. Even if you present things the best way possible, things can go wrong. And that brings us to the next point.

Link to Quality Products Only

Remember that the sort of products you start promoting start becoming your portfolio. Clients may change, but you have to create a name for yourself, if you want to draw significant revenue. Be careful about which product you choose promoting. It’s one thing if their quality is subjective. But if consistent customer review turns out to be negative for the product, you may end up pushing your affiliate career by months. Your views should matter. That’s why, you should be careful about what your write.

Don’t skew your reviews

While reviewing products, don’t overemphasize. Your views shouldn’t be skewed, because doing so will make you look like a money grubbing promoter rather than a useful one. Traffic follows those who consistently provide useful information.

Analyze and Adapt

Keyword research, and traffic analysis are keys to being a successful affiliate marketer. Remember that, internet changes and at times faster than you can type the word ‘Internet’. Adapt your strategies to contemporary trends. Thus, constantly searching for and understanding the niche you are targeting is vital. Be extremely knowledgeable and always try to collate the facts which are relevant with the trends.

LogicSpeak :

Often, these are the most distinguishing points on which the success or the failure of an affiliate marketing campaign depends upon. Keeping these factors in mind, a fresh affiliate marketing campaign can become a grand success.

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