What Makes a YouTube Video Successful? Watch Out for These 13 Elements

By Logicserve News Desk

  • February 15, 2022,
Tips for making YouTube video successful

According to a report by Global Statistics, YouTube was the most used social platform in India in 2021. With a more than 450 million user base, YouTube is also an excellent place for brands to reach their target audience. But while YouTube’s popularity among the masses is no secret, most brands have not succeeded in leveraging its true potential.

More often than not, the root cause of the problem is not creating great videos. If you are looking for ways to grab more eyeballs to your YouTube videos, ensure that it has these 13 elements-

1. Create a Brand Account

If you are on YouTube to boost your brand’s presence, start with creating a brand account. Besides allowing multiple people to manage the account, brand accounts also come with valuable features like YouTube Analytics.

2. Build a Visual Identity

A YouTube brand account should look professional and appealing. For instance, the channel icon can be your logo, and the banner image could be something that complements your brand. In the “About” section, add a brief description including relevant information and keywords.

3. Focus on a Particular Topic or Keyword

If the goal is to bring more people to your YouTube channel and improve your reach, create videos that revolve around a specific topic or keyword related to your industry/brand/product/service. You can check the “Trending” section on YouTube or use Google Trends to know more about what people view and search online.

4. Consider Branded Intros

Viewers should be able to recognize your videos as soon as they begin. Branded intros can help you achieve this objective. Apart from encouraging the viewers to watch the entire videos, branding can also help make the video memorable.

5. Make the Intro Enticing

According to a report, 20% of the viewers leave a video if it fails to attract them in the first 10 seconds. After the branded intro, do not waste time on opening credits and titles. Start telling the viewers what the video is about and how the information can help them to encourage them to keep watching.

6. Use Powerful Thumbnails

Another very critical aspect of succeeding with YouTube videos is using powerful thumbnails. When people search for anything on YouTube, the results are presented in the form of thumbnails. If your thumbnails are appealing, the chances of people watching your video will be higher.

7. Add a Personal Touch

Consumers prefer connecting with brands on a more human level. Most popular YouTubers have their gestures, phrases, or even intro songs that give them a unique identity. Even for your brand videos, you can incorporate such elements to build a deeper connection with the viewers.

8. Choose the Background Score Carefully

Background music makes your videos lively and attention-grabbing. However, always choose something that aligns with your brand vision and evokes the target aura and emotion. Also, ensure that you can legally use the selected music in the videos.

9. Bit of Storytelling Can Help

The video content should always be presented as uniquely as possible so that your video stands out from the crowd. Rather than simply explaining concepts, convey emotions to connect with the viewers. Storytelling can be an effective way to simplify complex concepts and make your videos memorable.

10. Focus on Recording Quality

Aspects like the sound quality and lighting also deserve your attention. As vlogging is such a global rage, there shouldn’t be any issues finding pocket-friendly video recording equipment and accessories. Invest in a quality editing software and prefer a professional editor for the job.

11. Add Creative CTAs

Every YouTube video should have a CTA. Place the CTAs creatively throughout the video, including the first few seconds, as the engagement generally drops over the course of the video. You can add CTAs through clickable annotations, allowing you to add custom external links.

12. Use End Screen Creatively

Each YouTube video can feature a 20-second end screen which can be used for promoting your channel, website, or videos. While creating videos, ensure that you always leave some room after the end of the video for the end screen.

13. Share Videos on Social Platforms

Brands should also share their videos on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, as YouTube prioritizes external traffic. Your videos will rank higher on YouTube if they regularly receive a consistent stream of viewers from other platforms.

 Build a Winning YouTube Marketing Strategy

Creating quality content is one part of effectively using YouTube for brand promotions. The videos should also be optimized to ensure that they rank higher and reach the right audience. Most leading brands hire the services of a digital marketing company for YouTube SEO.

Apart from boosting your popularity on YouTube, professional SEO strategies can also improve your search rankings and bring relevant traffic to your website.

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