What should be your SEO strategy?

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  • September 16, 2013,

What should be your SEO

With the increasing importance of having a strong online presence, Search Engine Optimization is becoming among the most important strategies. Making an SEO strategy isn’t an exact science. There are so many variables involved in it that nailing down the right strategy is among the hardest of things. So, how should you decide on your SEO strategy?

SEO and its nuances

Search Engine Optimization is a bit of a misnomer. SEO doesn’t really optimize the search engines. Rather it’s about optimizing the website for the search engines. Like every technology, Search engines evolve and along with them the SEO strategies. In the heydays of internet, all people had to do is copy the code from the most viewed websites, and make their websites a tweaked version of it. When Yahoo directory came, webmasters started naming websites starting with A so that they would come at the top.

Google changed everything. The idea that a rank of a page should be determined by backlinks to the page was revolutionary. With this idea, the whole concept of SEO wasn’t simply a coding hack anymore. There were elements like being popular and useful to people. People started adopting techniques like posting pages which provide backlinks to different pages on their own website. However, things are very complicated now. So, what should be your strategy so that you know that you are doing well with SEO?

Elements of a Sound SEO strategy

Organic Traffic is the Gold

No matter how many stories you have heard about PPC booming a business, the right sort of traffic is the one which comes naturally. Like it has been mentioned before, SEO isn’t a mere technical aspect anymore. There’s a good reason why people often get confused between SEO and online marketing. Both of these work towards directing ‘useful’ traffic towards your website. Hence, along with optimizing the code, remember that your prime objective here is to make the audience like your page and make them click you more and more.

Know your Sector

Things are complicated with search engines because the best of them apply different sort of algorithm to different types of websites. There are SEO experts who specifically focus towards working on a certain sector, which make them the most effective of the people.

Focus on Link Building

This is the most difficult aspect of SEO, and it makes it all the more important. The best way to build links is to campaign for your website as much as possible. Working on public relations, utilizing social networks to their fullest potentials are very effective steps. Some tactics like posting guest blogs in bulk gets caught by the newest Google algorithms.

SEO equation is complicated. The way to start un-complicating it is to gently dismantle the way the web works and use it to your advantage. Include as many aspects as possible, try new things, keep tighter hold on metrics. Search Engine Optimization will take you a long way.


High PR backlinks work, relevant links work, relevant blog comments work (not spammy but truly relevant!) and get high PR and possibly relevant links. Diversify anchors, keep main keyword around 7-15% in total……and of course, undoubtedly, the on-page optimization needs to be 100% natural!

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