What Social media users need to know about the new and improved Google Plus?

By Tejas Thakkar

  • February 26, 2016,

Recently, social media marketers got a whole new insight in the world of transition and up gradation that the Google+ website went through. This only goes to show that Google is spending enormous amounts of resources to keep this website stay put, by refuting news of the end of Google+. With the new changes incorporated, Ideas can be shared more easily, reaching passionate people across different platforms.

New Google+ Version

With several different features being part of their modification plan, the main elements that they stressed on was the addition of two new exciting features: Collections and Communities. Collections, launched 5 months ago is like a group of collective ideas or anything interesting people share that can be followed by different other people of similar interests. E.g. The Watch project collection, which has a head count of more than 40,000 people following a vintage watch hobbyist whilst discussing novel ideas and discovering their passion. Communities on the other hand, that have an average of 1.2 million joins per day, cater to people with common interests in movies, music, sports etc. People with similar tastes can join communities of their choice and share posts, read info and discuss on the go. E.g. Like the non-fiction addiction community to crime movies fan club, there is everything for everyone’s fit.

Let’s have glimpse at the alterations that revamped Google+ has to offer:

  1. All the missing and hidden stuff:

With the redesigning of the website, a lot of tabs have gone to their subdomains instead of from the dashboard. Features like events, hangouts, photos have gotten their own subdomains. Google+ brand and the local business pages are now divided between Google+ my Business and Google+. It can be alternated between one’s profile and different pages using the option on the top right corner.

  1. Viewing the news feed

The new Google+ feature for viewing updates, displays the news feed in two columns customized to your screen resolution or size. At the bottom, you will find tabs to comment, like and share to Google+ as well as on Facebook and twitter. The news feed can be customized as per your post visibility. This means, you can restrict your posts to certain audiences whom you do not wish to share it with. Similar settings can be done with communities, where you can choose to see fewer or more updates from the community of your interest.


  1. Edit your profile and page

The newly modified Google+ allows users to edit their profile in a much simple manner. By clicking on the Google+ profile link on the sidebar will open the page for adding and deleting information that you wish to be displayed on your profile.


  1. Organize your circle

Now organizing people on Google+ circle can happen in a more systematic manner. Since it is now divided in three tabs: find people, following and followers.


To see these features on your profile, you’ll need to opt-in in to this new version by clicking on the ‘check-out new Google+’ option.

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