What you need to know about AdWords?

By Team Logicserve

  • June 11, 2014,
Google Adwords @LogicserveDigi

Google Adwords @LogicserveDigi

Working with AdWords will take you ahead in the race to rope in huge volumes of profits. Google AdWords is basically an advertising system of the Google where in the advertisers put bids on specific keywords so that their clickable ads appear higher in the hierarchy of Google’s search results. We all desire to reach the potential customer as fast as possible, but doing so involves a lot of strategic planning. With Google AdWords there is augmentation in website traffic, this enhances your prospects of tapping real customers.

In the online business, there are basically just three kinds of keywords which a consumer enters into a search engine when he or she is searching for something online for purchase. They conduct a research first, and then they compare the products which are available in the market. Finally when they gather little information as regards the product they do a search with intention of buying the product. For instance, if a consumer is keen on buying a Bluetooth wireless headset, first of all he will want to do a little research about the same. He might type in the search engine words such as headset or wireless headset. In this process he will get to know about different kinds of headsets which are available in the market and he can make up his mind as to which he would want to go in for.

The next step is doing a comparative study. He will read reviews of different brands which offer headsets such as in this case like Bose or Dre etc. Finally when he is convinced as which headset he would want to buy, he will type buyer’s keyword in the search engine. A buyer’s keyword encompasses specific details such as brand name, color, model, size or make of a particular product in question.

It is prudent to bid on buyers’ keyword because this will lead to direct sales. A consumer enters this keyword only when he is 100%sure of purchase. Bidding on generic keywords will not augment the sales of your brand. For expense conscious bidding, it is advisable to go for cost-per-click (CPC) bidding as in this you have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. This will put a limit on your budget.

Another valuable factor to be borne in mind as regards AdWords is to opt for dynamic keyword insertion.You do not have to write whole lot of ads, rather you can use a shortcut by putting {keyword} in ad. This can be applied in wide array of ways:

  • The headline
  • Display URL
  • The description lines
  • Destination URL


It is actually not possible to create mobile only campaigns as desktop can never be excluded from the league of searches. So you cannot just cater to your mobile specific audience only.

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