What’s Good For You – SEO or PPC?

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  • August 14, 2012,

If you own a business, you surely must be having a website too. If not, you need to hurry and get one for yourself. However, having a flashy looking website alone is not enough. There is a lot you need to do with your website in order to make it visible to the masses. You probably must have heard about the SEO and the PPC service. But, do you know how they actually work? Well, you may, but there is still a lot more you need to know before you choose one to help your website get the right amount of traffic.

Let’s start with SEO. The technique completely deals with optimizing your web page by incorporating the appropriate set of keywords into the content. However, PPC on the other hand is a strategy quite opposite to SEO. It is an online advertising model that drives traffic to one’s website. In easy words, PPC can be described as a narrow portfolio with the most affective keywords. So, does that make PPC the winner? Well, not exactly. Of course, SEO does seem to be a long term method as compared to PPC, but once your website is rightly optimized, you are sure to see it somewhere at the top of the result page.

With PPC, there is a certain cost involved and therefore many choose to opt for SEO. In PPC you need to pay for every click you receive. However, in terms of effectiveness, they both seem to be going hand in hand. Rather than picking one, why not use both? What’s wrong in spending a few bucks and making the most out of it?

You may come across a few saying, ‘PPC did not really work for me’ or ‘SEO is not good enough’. It’s obviously not that easy to get to a conclusion, at least when talking about SEO and PPC. Although both seem to be a million miles apart, they do share some common factors. No matter if it’s SEO or PPC, ‘keyword research’ is the foundation of your online campaign.

No doubt, PPC and SEO will surely offer your website the needed acceleration, but there is a little bit of homework you need to do as well. Unless you do not know what you intend to target, no matter what strategy you implement, you will obviously not get the desired returns.

Today, almost every business prefers opting for a combination of SEO and PPC. Why? This is simply because that combination helps in getting the desirable online traffic. So, if you are looking for a good way to take your business to the next level, try out combining SEO and PPC. You are sure to witness a difference.

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