What’s Up With The Panda Update 2.2 and the latest one 3.9?

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  • August 3, 2012,

Google Panda

Google is out with another amazing technique to detect the low quality sites and make sure they lie somewhere at the bottom in the SERPs. The Panda Update 2.2 is not just a manual review of websites, but in fact is a change to the Google’s algorithm. So, there is obviously a room for errors. The update has been greatly responsible for affecting the search results of some of the best sites that were once seen right on top. The prime objective of the update is to target those websites containing a huge number of duplicate pages.

It all started out with the Google Panda Update, and then followed the Google Panda 2. However, the Google Panda 2.2 update turned out to be a shocker for millions across the globe, as it was deployed silently a week before its actual release. And this came as a surprise for numerous high ranking websites.

Though the latest update is Panda 3.9, the update 2.2 did manage to get some eyeballs rolling. So, what’s up with the Panda Update 2.2? What is it trying to do exactly? The update tries to rank a website based on its quality and not on keywords alone. Since the implementation of the update, many website owners have complained that the number of visitors has dropped down to a whopping 40 percent. This is because Google is now trying to gauge the importance of a website based on its overall quality. So, no matter how hard you try inserting all the relevant keywords into your content, your website may not shoot up high unless it holds the desired quality.

If your website has too much of copied content, it is sure to drop down too low. This is what Panda update 2.2 is bound to do. It will be targeting websites with duplicate content. So, if Control-C and Control-V are the keyword shortcuts that you use too often, make sure you limit them to a certain extent. By doing so, is Google trying to be too harsh? Well, not exactly. It is just trying to target duplicate websites that show up high in the search engine.

On 25th July 2012, Google rolled out the Panda update 3.9. Although too little is known about this update, many believe that it will greatly work towards putting an end to the non-authentic practices followed over the web. Now, what’s interesting here is that Google is trying to educate people on how to build up a quality website. While this may work for many, others would want to deal with things their own way. So, if your website is getting a hit due to the updates that Google is constantly coming up with, your SEO company probably has a lot of homework to do.

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