When to Say No to a New Client

By Team Logicserve

  • July 30, 2014,

No to client @LogicserveDigi

Nobody likes to turn away business. However consulting agencies have to be prudent about the clients they take on and the time as well as energy they spend in acquiring them. Many agencies have found it counterproductive to take on certain client accounts and have wished they had done a more thorough assessment before committing to the deal.

When it comes to the PPC and AdWords business, agencies have to be doubly careful whom they take on. While most of them are able to sniff out problematic clients from a distance, it is still good business sense to know the warning signs to be able to decide when to turn away business.

They are as under:

  1. Be wary of accounts that may have been suspended or have received warnings for breach of policy. You need to emphasize the need for clients to be transparent about their account history to avoid sudden and unpleasant surprises in future.
  2. Do not work with clients who view you with suspicion. While some skepticism and worry about how you are going to manage their budget to make it work well is understandable, you cannot keep defending every action you take.
  3. Check out for any negative reviews of the client online. If there are, you know your paid search engine advertising efforts will take a beating and you will not be able to produce the desired results. A decent BBB rating is a must.
  4. Keep away from those who are unwilling to try out new strategies that you may discuss with them. Rigidity and a closed mind to ideas cannot be good for you or the client. The business of PPC is dependent heavily on trying out different strategies and therefore any opposition to them will not help you as the agency to work with a free hand.
  5. When discussing with a client, find out how many agencies they have already tried out in the past and what have been the reasons for them turning to you. Do not do business with anybody who refuses to put their signature on the contract.
  6. Clients can be touchy and attached to their website and therefore may not welcome suggestions to make it better. But if you find the site to be a disaster and they are unwilling to carry out the desired changes, dump them.
  7. Clients may or may not have their goals defined. As the agency in the PPC business for some years, you are obliged to help them recognize the nuances of this activity and the metrics involved. If you find they are unable to grasp them or are opposed to them or have unreasonable expectations, do not take them on.
  8. It is necessary that clients maintain a healthy and professional relationship with agency account managers. If you find your client not attending meetings, promotions personally and just want to correspond through email; you know they are not too serious or committed about their business and expect wonders from the PPC agency. It is not prudent to continue with such clients.
  9. Finally, there is the human element and gut feeling that cannot be ignored. If you do not get positive vibes during the selling process with a client, exhibit courage to walk away and save your time and energy for productive work with other clients.


Acquiring a new client is a must for any business but scrutinizing the client is equally essential. Before forging ahead with a mutually beneficial relationship, you need to be doubly sure that your association with the client is going to enhance your position and image apart from monetary benefit.


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