Why Infographics Matters in Digital Marketing

By Team Logicserve

  • October 28, 2014,

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We live in an age where we are buffeted by a torrent of information flowing towards us. The Internet is truly a fire hose that keeps gushing out information. There was a time when you needed to travel to your local library to look up a piece of information in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Now, Wikipedia has thousands of times more information than Britannica ever did. The amount of information at our fingertips has exploded in the last 20 years with the growth of the internet.

Infographics to The Rescue!

From addictive social media websites that keep scrolling infinitely to endless entertaining and informative videos on YouTube, there is more content out there than we can hope to find the time to consume.

The digital age has even disrupted the news business. To survive into the post-print era, newspapers are adopting a variety of new techniques while newcomers such as Vox, FiveThirthEight and Quartz seek to differentiate themselves with data-driven journalism.

When you have a lot of related data, there is no better way to present that information than via using graphical elements such as charts and other varieties of infographics.

Infographics in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is no different than other content out there that is trying to attract attention to itself and saying “Look at me!”

To hold the attention of the busy consumers, you need to present your information in an user-friendly manner. Infographics makes things easier to scan and grasp rather than information presented in a purely textual manner.

If you can compress information from 500 words into a single eye-catching infographic, you got a far better chance that your message will reach the target audience.

Even Google Trends shows how the interest in the term “infographics” has increased in the last decade.

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How Infographics Helps Digital Marketing

Let us see a few ways in which use of infographics improves your digital marketing and content marketing campaign.

Visually-rich Infographics Get More Eyeballs

When you present your information in an infographic format with eye-catching detail rather than using pure text or tables, more of your target audience are likely to click it and peruse it rather than overlook it. When you create a digital marketing campaign, clearly the larger number of clicks it gets is the best indication of its success as a campaign.

Viral Content

When you create rich infographics, you increase the likelihood of its being shared on social media helping it go viral. People are more likely to share content that is interesting and infographics-rich content is usually more interesting than just bland text.

For example, we might simply that the Pentagon has a budget close to $700 billion while NASA’s budget is in the range of $17 billion. Or, present that information in the form of a chart. Clearly, even a basic chart makes things look way more interesting.

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SEO Benefits

When content becomes popular and is widely shared, it has SEO benefits as Google and other search engines will give more weight to such content.

When you present information using infographics, you can grow your reputation in a given field and be known as the subject matter expert and you will attract greater number of visitors. When visitors find the infographics interesting, they will stick around longer and the bounce rate will be lower for your campaign thus helping your digital marketing effort get more for your buck.

So, go ahead and be sure to use visual-rich elements in your digital marketing campaigns and be sure that infographics are one of those elements.


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