YouTube Announces Several Features that Simplify Management of Video Marketing Campaigns

By Logicserve News Desk

  • October 18, 2019,

YouTube recently announced the launch of video reach campaign, which will replace separate video campaigns and make it easy for marketers to accomplish their goals on the platform. 

Today’s consumers are moving faster from one channel to another and researching brands in an innovative and unexpected ways. With the increase in touchpoints, mapping the journey of the modern, tech-savvy customer is highly complicated. This presents marketers with several new challenges.

In a blog post published in September, the Vice President of Product Management YouTube, agreed that while YouTube offers different solutions to meet varying marketing goals, choosing the right solution takes time and complicates the task of marketers.

A Single Campaign for all Types of Video Ads

YouTube intends to overcome this challenge by presenting marketers the Video reach campaigns, which is a more effective and simple way to help brands achieve their marketing goals.

Rather than using separate marketing campaigns for different video ad formats like 6-second bumper ads, non-skippable, in-stream ads, skippable in-stream ads, YouTube now makes it possible to manage all types of video creatives from a single campaign. Google’s advanced machine learning algorithms will automatically choose the right combination of video formats based on marketing goals.

To give an example, if the marketing goal is to drive brand awareness, then the Video reach campaign may show 6-second memorable ads that captivate audience attention. On the other hand, if the goal is to get customers to convert, then the machine learning algorithm may show non-skippable, in-stream ads.

Video Reach Campaign Adopters enjoy Lower Campaign Costs

YouTube mentions that early adopters of this new feature are enjoying positive results and lowering campaign costs. Lisa Schoder, Head of U.S. Media at Ford, states that “Ford is an early adopter of the Video reach campaign. The automaker is using data and machine learning technologies to increase the effectiveness and relevancy of ads across campaigns while reducing the associated costs.”

Combine Video Reach with TrueView for Enhanced Results

YouTube states that  marketers will be able to seamlessly integrate TrueView action ads to the YouTube home feed, and get higher value conversions. By using TrueView ads, marketers can place effective CTAs in their ads that encourage customers to take a specific action.The ability to monitor and integrate TrueView ads to the YouTube home feed will  help marketers drive more conversions with powerful video ads.

But, it is to be noted that YouTube has not yet mentioned any specific date on when this feature will be available.

YouTube Masthead now available for TV Screens in Beta

Apart from the Video reach campaigns, YouTube Masthead will now be available for TV screens. Marketers can purchase the YouTube Masthead for TV screens on a CPM basis and reach their audiences right where they spend most of their time.

Just like Masthead for desktop and mobile, marketers can purchase cross-screen or single-screen buys and reserve placements on dates that matter the most to them.

What do these announcements mean for Marketers?

There’s no denying that the customer journey is getting complex than ever before, and video plays a dominant role in it. It’s a welcome move that YouTube has taken the efforts to simplify video campaigns on its platform.

Increasing accessibility to advanced machine learning tools and reducing the overall costs of video campaigns works to the benefit of marketers. By utilising these new features and understanding video campaigns better on YouTube, marketers can effectively reach their target audience, right where they are be it mobile or TV screens.

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