YouTube’s Keyword Tool and its potential for Link Building

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  • October 25, 2013,
YouTube's keyword tool for Link Building @LogicserveDigi

YouTube's keyword tool for Link Building @LogicserveDigi

Did you know you could get the keywords imported in your Google Adwords for all your PPC campaigns? The random and crazy search terms which help in finding those true gems on Internet sites can also help you in finding the voids and filling it.

Most link builders using this tool will suggest that the display of a message like “Not Enough Available Data” associated with a keyword would be the one that should be avoided, but thinking differently, this is really the opportunities.

It is a common thought that YouTube does not initiate product selling and hence, the data received from this tool shall turn out useless.

But think again and here’s how it can be turned into a giant piece of opportunity.

Depending upon the keyword and the combination of words used, you will be amazed to locate upon a different set of sites which could provide useful for building website links and relate to your requirement too. At this juncture, you may be moving towards slightly more niche and less competitive too.

Another viable idea would be to move towards something very exclusive to your identity and develop interesting audio-video material including a Pinterest board or a couple of videos relating to the trivia & interesting facts too which can be uploaded on YouTube as well as on your website.

For instance, if you wish to market cars/automobiles, the most competitive keywords could be the latest car models but moving on to slightly less competitive area such as vintage cars or cars of the past period could be an interesting topic. Going further into the vintage car segment, you could upload an interesting video displaying the vintage cars along with their trivia which is very much likely to be viewed rather than a new automobile promo which can easily be viewed on TV too. A Pinterest board containing graphic images of customized vintage cars could be equally an interesting concept.

You could even announce special set of prizes for those viewing those videos or following you across Twitter. In fact, videos through YouTube are known to enjoy better views than tweets and Facebook posts too. It is known fact that videos create lasting impression rather than simply images or texts and can be relied upon to deliver to a great extent.


Keyword research has taken a new twist now, with Youtube’s keyword tool, so we sure need to get more creative! This will also push the search engine optimisers to search for some new options for potential link partners.

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