Multi-specialisation is the need of the hour. The problems faced by today’s world are complex and layered, it requires varied skillsets to come together to form a solution.

Hence, we have represented our core capabilities – Media, Creative, Data & Insights, and Technology, as distinct from each other through different colours and shapes. These core capabilities are ever changing and evolving, which is why their shapes are fluid and transient in nature. These core capabilities are interdependent and, when amalgamated, embody what we offer to the world – an integrated solution.

  • curious
  • adaptive
  • intelligent

What our Logo means:

  • The form of our logo is inspired by a question mark – which represents our curious nature.
  • The fluid form of our logo represents our adaptive instincts and overall transformation.
  • The mnemonic is designed as a profile view of a brain to represent our inherent intelligence and thought leadership.
  • Our logo also symbolises growth, ideas, innovation, creativity, data, insights, and transformation which are at the heart of our core capabilities: Media, Creative, Data & Insights, and Technology.
  • The transformative nature of the logo and the change of shape highlights the everchanging nature of the industry.

Our Brand Story

In this ever-evolving world, LS Digital’s journey is one of continuous growth and transformation – from small steps to the giant leap of being one of India’s largest independent Digital Agency. As we have witnessed the world evolve – we have realised that to exist and thrive in this world, one must neither break the flow nor go with it. One must adapt to the flow – move with it, change with it, transform with it, evolve with it. To lead in such a fluid world and to be future-ready, it is imperative to widen our knowledge, develop multiple capabilities and specialise in diverse fields. Our story so far has been remarkable and to further it exceptionally, we shall continue to abide by our values and our three key character traits - curiosity, adaptability, and intelligence.


The Shape
A question mark or an exclamation point has a circle which anchors it, in our logo we have used a similar anchor. The curved, circle at the bottom is symbolic of curiosity: of questions which lead us forward, of suppositions, which help us leap beyond. It represents the trigger that ignites the fire of change and brings forth transformation.

The fluid shape is symbolic of adaptability. We are not fixed to ideals or fixated on concepts, we transition from one to another and evolve to design the best course of action. Intelligence is symbolised by the overall form of our appearance – which is crafted in the shape of a brain. The logo appears as a thought, a distinct perspective. When you bring curiosity and the fluidity of adaptability, and our intelligent nature you get a new thought: A transformative entity – LS Digital

"The characteristic traits to survive and flourish in an ever-changing world are curiosity, adaptability, and intelligence. We are ready and excited."-Prasad Shejale
CEO & Founder
LS Digital
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bengaluru
  • Dubai

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