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Helping you upgrade your app based business with Firebase’s elite capabilities

To say the least, keeping track of all your mobile contacts with customers—and consistently delivering exceptional experiences at scale is challenging.

Firebase is a software development kit that enables you to strategize your marketing efforts, improve, and grow functionality for your app that helps you quickly develop high-quality app and grow your business. Customer retention and engagement become a cake walk with Firebase.

Cross-selling and upselling on your app is a breeze with Firebase’s elite capabilities. Whether it’s improving retention or increasing conversion, firebase provides the predictive insights that help you to maximise the return on mobile investment.

Benefits of
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In Depth insights

With Firebase we can help you knowing your audience & their behavior.
The in-depth insight about where your app should belong & helps in delivering the right content to the right audience. 

Expert Support

LS Digital has an experienced team to help your firebase ga4 integration & get a unified view of the users from App as well as the web. 

Our Offerings

Customize a view of your whole marketing funnel, allowing you to make changes to the drop-offs. 

Discover attribution to your conversions to identify conversion-drivers and create a data-driven channel mix that can yield greater conversions. 

Cloud messaging that enables you to retaining users 

Visualization of user interaction and how successfully users achieve the website's business goal 

In-app messaging which make cross-selling and upselling easier 

Predictive Analysis that shows you the likelihood of attrition and purchase. 

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