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Unlock consumer insights with Google Analytics – track data and optimize marketing efforts.

Google Analytics (known as GA) is a web analytics tool that allows you to measure the marketing funnel from acquisition to conversion. Being a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks data points, you may think of Google Analytics as a whiteboard to strategize your digital marketing efforts. It gives quantified insights about your target audience, user acquisition, user engagement and conversion. Therefore, Google Analytics is, in many ways, is a platform that gives you inner, back-end, and real-time access to what your consumers desire.

The Advanced version of Google Analytics, i.e Google analytics 360 provides tools and support for large enterprises. With more customization, scalable tools, and enterprise-level support, it assists marketers to gain a comprehensive perspective of their online marketing activities. 


Explaining GA360

Google Analytics 360 is part of the Google Marketing Platform, which brings together Google’s enterprise advertising and marketing products that enable marketers to plan, implement, monitor, and improve digital media and customer experience seamlessly; In addition to that it can also be integrated with third party platforms such as Sales force and cloud platforms such as Big Query.

Google Analytics 360 Feature

Integration with Google Ads, Google Adsense, Google Search Console so that you get an entire view of your campaigns as well as SEO efforts 

Customize a view of your whole marketing funnel, allowing you to improvise the drop-offs

Visualize and analyze your customer journeys and create remarketing audiences to re-engage with users who do drop out of the funnels 

Determine which keywords, ads, and campaigns have the greatest impact on your business goals   

From a high vantage point, examine your internal and external promotions

Have precision in measurement and therefore accuracy in reporting with the unsampled data

Identify Conversion-Drivers by discovering attribution to your conversions so that you can efficiently quantify the impact of each of your marketing channels and establish a data-driven channel mix that can deliver you higher conversions

Google Analytics Standard Feature

Real-time Data to understand how your visitors are interacting with your website

Understanding entire marketing and conversion funnel 

Target audience identification for your marketing campaigns

Defining the customer retention strategy

Analyzing different cohorts to understand which distinct set of users you have and what value do they bring to your business 

Get deeper insights on UX improvements so that your visitor's experience is unhampered 

Get a bird eye view of how frequently users reach business objectives of website 

What suits you better: GA Standard or GA360?

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Google Partnership

LS Digital is a Certified Google Premier Partners for Google Products & Authorized Resellers of Google Analytics 360. 

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Since GA 4 is a new and evolving technology it’s critical to implement GA 4 from Google-certified implementation professionals. 

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Being a Premium Partner of Google, we are better positioned for having immediate access to Google for their support. 

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