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Ads Data Hub based Insights

Maximising your advertising efficiency with data-driven marketing strategy. 

At LS Digital, we know that data is key to understanding your audience and optimizing your marketing campaigns. That’s why we specialize in helping businesses adopt Google Analytics and Ads Data Hub. With Google Analytics, you can measure performance across multiple platforms and gain insights on your audience, acquisition, engagement and conversion. Ads Data Hub takes it a step further by allowing you to combine your data with event-level data from Google ad campaigns, unlocking even more insights and helping you achieve your business goals while protecting user privacy. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your digital marketing efforts with our expert adoption services. 

LS Digital offers unique solutions which helps businesses to drive data driven strategy and improve advertising efficiency. Our expert team identifies business challenges and develops the solutions to improve the efficiency by analysing the following: 

  1. Brand performance: Understand impact on Branding campaigns and on Performance campaigns.
  2. Optimal Frequency: Identify optimal frequency for driving higher conversions.
  3. Hyperlocal: Identify the over-exposed and under-exposed cities.
  4. Audience Spotlight: Find the top performing buckets in terms of age, gender, affinity and in-market segments.
  5. Brandometer: Holistic brand measurement solution that works across Display, YouTube & PG.
  6. Impact of creative strategy: Determine which creative strategy added the most incremental conversions.
  7. Concept-wise Creative Performance: Determine which creative concept is driving more unique reach & incremental conversion.
  8. Cross-Screen Analysis (YouTube): Understand how your YouTube content is consumed across multiple screens

Benefits of
Partnering with us?

Premium Google Partnership

LS Digital is globally among the first few ADH (Ads Data Hub) partners. 

Consultative Approach

Proven record of accomplishment of ADH implementation with consultative approach and technical capabilities such as GCP, Big Query, SQL, Looker etc. 

Expert Team

Team of certified Google Marketing Platform professionals to guide Brands towards data driven and better decision making to achieve the business goal. 

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