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Data & insights

GA based Insights

Enabling smarter decision making for brands by optimizing data collection. 

Now it’s a fact that not everyone can read tons and tons of data and interpret something that can help us solve the business challenges. And they often say if not interpreted correctly data has a habit to mislead. 

Your data collection can be optimized but it’s the interpretations that count because it drives the decision making. Moreover, Google represents data in the same fashion to a Toy store, to someone who sells perfumes and to you as well, it doesn’t observe the data through the lens of your business, and that is where the combination of LS Digital’s Data Analysts and Google Certified GA experts enable you with easy-to-read reports and get answers to the ‘Whys?’ of your business. 

Our specialized team enables you to be data driven at decision making by identifying your business KPIs and in which process of your business does the pain area lie, post that we perform Correlation analysis with the datasets available in GA with your business challenges being at the center of the vision and help you with curated meaningful insights for various business s functions. 

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Defining Target Audience

  1. Defining Product/ Service wise TG 
  2. Target audience profiling basis historical conversions. 
  3. Trend & Behavior Analysis 
  4. User Journey Analysis 

Customer Retention Strategy

  1. Target high CLTV customers for cross/ Up sell 
  2. Address probable churning/ converting users 
  3. Understand behavior trends of repeat buyers 

Optimizing Cost Of Acquisition/Conversion

  1. SOPs of paid efforts to convert various audience cohorts 
  2. Understand time taken to convert for various audience cohorts. 
  3. Campaign analysis from a conversion perspective 
  4. E-Commerce Funnel Analysis 
  5. Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses of Shopping Funnel 
  6. Understand the reasons for abandonment in the checkout process. 
  7. Understand performance of each product category 

Identifying Right Channel Mix

  1. Analysis of channel roles in conversion. 
  2. Track online footprints of offline conversions 
  3. Deep-diving in Channel-wise profitability 


Analyzing The Ease Of UX

  1. Know the hurdles in the purchase journey. 
  2. Analysis of average time spent, exit and bounce rate 
  3. Understanding Content Efficacy 

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