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AI Powered Channel Planner

Paving the way toward a Data Driven Media Planning with an AI Powered Channel Planner 

At LS digital, we understand the struggles of marketeers in utilizing data before creating a media plan. That’s why we offer an AI-powered Channel Planner that utilizes historical data from various platforms and analytical tools to predict the results of your media plan in just 3 seconds. With a 93% accuracy rate, our planner allows you to try infinite media mix combinations and choose the best plan for your business. Optimize your media strategy with ease and confidence using LS digital’s Channel Planner.

LS digital’s AI-driven channel planner utilizes data from media platforms, Google Analytics, and backend databases to identify trends and provide channel-to-channel assistance on key performance indicators such as conversion, lead, sessions, and revenue. This holistic approach allows for accurate prediction of media plan performance and optimization of your media strategy. 

With AI Driven channel planner brands can answer the below questions – 

  1. What is the effect of my Branding spending on Performance campaigns?  
  2. How does my top line media mix impact my Organic, Direct and Referral traffic? 
  3. If I cut down my display marketing budget will my revenue increase?   
  4. What will happen if I go ahead with that innovative but risky media mix idea?  

Benefits of
Partnering with us?

Eliminate Analytical Errors

  1. Eliminate the Analytical errors caused due to selection of wrong metrics while media planning 
  2. Use data science to calculate the trends without any human error 

Consider Assistance

  1. AI Driven Channel planner considers assistance of the Top Line Channels on the Performance of Bottom-Line Channels  
  2. This gives a holistic approach to media planning and reduces spend wastage drastically. 

Time and Effort Efficient

Once setup the solution can predict results of innumerable A/B tests in matter of minutes thus saving time and efforts utilized in rigorous Media Planning .

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