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Ushering you into the future of Digital Marketing Operations Management  

LS Digital’s DigiVerse is the ultimate solution for streamlining your marketing operations. Our cutting-edge tool offers a comprehensive collection of features and tools to enhance your digital marketing processes and drive business growth.  

DigiVerse seamlessly integrates with a variety of platforms, including marketing platforms like GA, Facebook, and DV 360, analytics platforms, ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, internal CDP/LMS/CRM and more. This allows for the collection of end-to-end performance data for all your digital campaigns in one place, making it easy to track and optimize your marketing efforts for maximum impact.   

With Multi-Channel; Multi-Platform and Multi-Partner operations, 95% of Marketing professionals are dealing with many business challenges in day-to-day operation.

As a result of these challenges, brands often find it difficult to track the following efficiently-   

  1. Changes in media mix over the past few years. 
  2. KPI values (CPL/CPC) over time 
  3. Comparison of the Performance of product A vs. product B in the digital scenario 
  4. Rise in scale of business units in digital scenarios 

Benefits of
Partnering with us?

Operational Cost and Time Saving

  1. Automated daily reports, reducing reporting time for teams 
  2. Track milestones, tasks across teams, partners to reduce overheads 

Data Collation and Presentation

  1. Dashboards with different views for different users 
  2. Connect backend data systems like CRM, Call Centre Data, CDPs for end-to-end user journey tracking 

Data Driven Decision Making

  1. Connect platforms, backends to setup marketing data lake 
  2. Use data for planned vs actuals, performance insights, automated alerts 
  3. Implement AI/ML use cases like media mix planning, predictive analysis, lead scoring 

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