Affiliate Marketing

Enhancing brands online presence via multi-channel marketing 


LS Digital utilizes a variety of digital marketing methods to reach and engage with customers, including SMS, Email, and Affiliate Marketing. Additionally, we also employ strategies to further amplify the reach and engagement with potential customers on different platforms. 

  1. SMS, Email and Affiliate marketing:Sending promotional and informational texts and emails to customers and Earning commission by promoting other company’s products or services. 
  2. Display & OTT Advertisements: Visual ads on websites and over-the-top streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix.  
  3. Native content Ads: Ads that blend in with website content to appear like natural content.  
  4. Digital Sponsorships: Partnering with brands on digital platforms like social media, websites, or apps. 


Benefits of
Partnering with us?

Wider reach

Allows clients to reach a wider audience through targeted advertising on various platforms. 


Bulk purchasing options result in lower costs per ad impression for clients.

Targeted advertising

Allows clients to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors for more effective ads. 

Flexible strategy

Allows clients to adjust their advertising strategy based on performance data and test different ad formats and placements. 

Brand awareness

Helps clients increase brand awareness and recognition among their target audience.

Increased traffic

Drives more traffic to client’s website, leading to increased conversions and revenue. 

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