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Powering a new era of modern marketing with the biggest Indian OTT partner.

At LS Digital, we are proud to be partnering with Hotstar, the leading OTT platform in India, to bring our clients innovative and effective marketing solutions. Our partnership focuses on providing access to Hotstar’s diverse ecosystem and reaching an uncharted Bharat audience through sports, TV shows, and movies. 

In addition to these offerings, we are also working with Hotstar to create a suite of innovative products that will further enhance the marketing efforts of our clients. Our partnership allows us to provide deeper engagement for our clients through Hotstar’s ecosystem, which seamlessly integrates content and commerce and provides valuable insights into India’s consumption, behavior, and digital journey. 

We believe that our partnership with Hotstar is a key step in powering a new era of modern marketing. By leveraging the resources and expertise of Hotstar, we are committed to help you achieve marketing success and boost business growth. 



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