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This is the 2nd of the 4 levels of DMT Maturity.
Detailed Breakdown
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Media Observations -
employs a performance-driven digital media approach.​ All channels are focussed on a single KPI, and ROAS is tracked and measured across paid media channels. ​ Your strategy calls for channel experimentation, with a mix of automated and manual bidding techniques to meet your essential needs.​
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UI/UX Observations -
has a separate UI/UX team, aligned with the product team.​There is a defined strategy to be present across all digital assets. ​AB testing new features is a conscious strategic initiative.​​
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Creative & Communication Observations -
’s Digital Creatives and communications are separate from traditional. ​ There is a lot of focus given on creative refreshments. ​ Various ad formats under statics have been experimented with​ ​​
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Innovation & Technology Observations -
is using AI to deploy some of their product features, as well as consciously using innovations in paid media channels and creatives.​​
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Data & Insights Observations -
Data is being looked at holistically, with integrated views for backend data. ​ A single KPI is tracked and monitored for measuring efficiency across mediums. ​ One view of the online journey is available.​ ​ ​
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Customer Experience Observations -
has An integrated user experience strategy across owned assets is present. ​ User is provided with a personalized experience basis past behavior. Periodic user surveys are conducted to enhance the experience.​ ​
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Organization Observations -
Observation: has some in-house teams managing the digital transformation, along with external agencies for support.​ ​ ​
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