5 Powerful YouTube Marketing Strategy Tips for 2021

By Logicserve News Desk

  • June 24, 2021,
YouTube Marketing

Video marketing is undoubtedly currently one of the most effective marketing strategies in the digital world. And what better than YouTube, the second-largest search engine on the internet with a user base of more than 2 billion, for your video marketing initiatives?

But it is no secret that YouTube is very popular among internet users. Like you, hundreds and thousands of brands are vying for attention. However, only a selected few are actually able to unlock YouTube’s vast potential.

How can you be part of this esteemed club of brands that are able to use YouTube to grow their business? If you are new to YouTube marketing, here are 5 powerful tips that can deliver excellent results in 2021-

1. Create a YouTube Brand Account

Brand accounts are different from personal accounts on YouTube. If you’ll be using YouTube for your brand’s video marketing, it is better to create a brand account. This will allow multiple people to manage your account.

Apart from this, a brand account also comes with additional features, such as in-depth analytics, which provides excellent insights into your audience. While personal YouTube accounts also come with channel analytics, the features and options are not as detailed as the brand account.

2. Keywords are Critical for YouTube Too

As mentioned above, YouTube is the second-largest search engine. Like Google, people use YouTube to find answers to their queries. The only difference is they use it as a video search engine.

So, just like you use business-related keywords on your website to improve the ranking in Google results, you can use keywords in video titles, descriptions, and video tags to boost the ranking of your YouTube videos. The keywords will not only help the crawlers but also make it easier for the viewers to know what the video is about. Use the right keywords in the title and tags to increase the searchability of your video.

3. Create Great Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the first impression of your video content. An attractive custom thumbnail often means the difference between a person deciding to watch your video or simply skipping it. They add a professional look to your videos and encourage viewers.

To create a video thumbnail for your brand, ensure it clearly conveys the video subject and includes your brand name. If the video features a real person, you can make the thumbnail more inviting by showing the person’s face.

4. Strong CTA

Just like web pages, all the YouTube videos of your brand should also have a strong CTA. They can be placed at the end of the video and even in the description section. Try to use actionable verbs, such as subscribe, like, follow, visit, call, buy, etc., as they are more engaging.

The video description should also have links to your website and social media pages so that viewers can visit your website and follow you on social channels directly through your videos. Additionally, YouTube also allows you to add links to your other videos within the video. You can use this feature to encourage viewers to watch your other YouTube videos.

5. Use YouTube Ads

To make your video marketing campaign on YouTube more successful, you can also use paid video ads. With this, you’ll reach potential customers with your video ads when they are searching or watching videos on YouTube.

Just like Google ads where you pay when someone clicks on your ad, you only pay when people choose to watch your video ads on YouTube. As you are in complete control of your ad budget, you can start a paid video ad campaign on YouTube without spending thousands of dollars.

Achieve Your Digital Objectives with YouTube

A platform as massively popular as YouTube is a great place for your brand to reach more people and build strong relationships with your audience. Whether you are just starting with YouTube marketing or want to refine an existing strategy further, the tips discussed above can deliver great results.

Like SEO, success with YouTube marketing is only possible with practice and patience. However, if you’d like to accelerate the results, you can consult a reputed digital marketing company for a custom strategy.

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