9 Essentials to Bolster your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

By Logicserve News Desk

  • July 22, 2021,
linkedin marketing strategy essentials

With more than 750+ million members and 57+ million listed companies across 200 countries, LinkedIn is inarguably the world’s largest and most influential B2B social media network. Whether you’re looking to scale your business, create brand awareness, monitor industry trends, recruit or nurture quality leads, the platform can help you succeed if utilised correctly. The trick is to make LinkedIn an integral part of your marketing strategy by leveraging its potential to your advantage. Let’s find out how.

1. Create a Dynamic Profile/ Company Page

The company page reflects the essence of your brand. It should be dynamic to attract the attention of your target audience. Use a high-quality image of your company logo. Also, include the website URL, location, contact details, company size, etc., to elevate your credibility and give the page a professional touch. And yes, don’t forget to craft a concise introduction about the company’s specialty and offerings. 

2. Publish Engaging Content

Attracting a potential audience to the company page and retaining it can be quite a challenge for marketers. The key is to create valuable content that strikes a chord with your LinkedIn audience. Publishing educative and entertaining posts can go a long way in maximises engagement and increasing your brand’s overall reach. 

3. Optimise Content

Optimised content can create brand awareness, increase visibility and lead to a conversion action. Structure your content by strategically inserting relevant keywords and phrases that your intended audience is likely to use for search. Use hashtags and consider asking questions to encourage comments.

4. Use Rich Multimedia

The use of rich images, videos, LinkedIn Live, and the recently introduced “Stories” feature can drive traffic to your website/service. A healthy mix of media has the potential to create impact and make the content stand out. There is documented evidence that posts with images, videos, links, and slide shows, etc., grab more eyeballs, clicks, likes, and comments.

5. Maintain Consistency

Map out a LinkedIn content calendar to post interesting articles regularly. This marketing tactic has the potential to keep your followers engaged by creating a sense of anticipation. Also, upload content at times when it’s likely to get the most traction.

6. Involve Employees

Employees can play a pivotal role in strengthening your network on the platform. Convince them to link the company page to their profiles and share quality content. Employees are your top advocates, and by turning them into followers, you automatically expand your reach and gain more exposure. Not to mention it contributes to your overall employer brand.

7. Analyse Performance

Publishing content no matter how relevant is futile if it doesn’t deliver feasible results. It’s crucial to determine how your posts are faring. Use LinkedIn analytics to view stats, engagement rate, shares, clicks, comments and web traffic, etc. Based on data evaluation, you can integrate measures to improve performance.

8. Leverage LinkedIn Groups

Use the search feature on the homepage to find and join like-minded groups on the platform. Apart from facilitating professional networks, they can be a great source of information and support. Group members can interact, discuss ideas, share updates about industry trends and send messages to each other.

9. Maintain Professional Etiquette

Finally, you must maintain a positive online reputation and appear professional at all times. In short, posting personal material, making flippant comments about colleagues, gossiping and spreading rumours, etc., is a big no-no. Also, refrain from overselling your achievements or your company’s products and services.

Now that you know the power of LinkedIn marketing tactics, use them effectively to get the best from this popular networking platform.

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