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  • January 7, 2014,
Mr. Sudhakar Ram addressing Logimates 1

Mr. Sudhakar Ram addressing Logimates

“The choice to be a Gandhi or a Mandela is not someone else’s. It is Yours.”, resonates within the heart of every individual, who was present at LogicTalk for a discussion with Mr. Sudhakar Ram, CMD, Mastek Ltd. Who will not want to be one?

This brain picking discussion had something for everyone present at the event. Would you find it difficult to believe that the idea of being powerful is within us? If yes, then may be this might change your mind. If no, well read on either way, just for an introspection.

For anyone the term power baffles, we all want it, yet do we know how to exercise or achieve it? Mr. Ram, dissects the concept of power as personal and professional power. Personal refers to our belief in self and professional to the one bestowed on us. So how do you feel powerful?

Mr. Ram simplified it with a concept he has put to practice over the years:

  • Within Circles

Mr. Stephen Covey’s theory of ‘ Circle of Influence (CI) and Circle of Concern (CC)’. The CC comprises issues that impact us, while the CI is the power within to change something. When we operate from our CI we are capable of finding solutions and solving problems.

Easier said than done! How do we practice this? Well, all you have to do is keep telling “How Wonderful!”

  • How Wonderful

Take up any difficult situation and tell yourself ‘How wonderful is this situation!’ and then dissect it to find solutions. We know the problems are real, then we might as well take it up as a new experience and try to find a solution. What do you think?

Logimates, gave a few examples on how they will consider a situation as wonderful. Here goes an amusing, yet daily hindrance called, traveling via local trains. They provided solutions such as leaving early, finding an alternative route, listening to music etc.

As the discussion came to an end, he shared something that resonated with everyone. A belief one must cultivate, that it doesn’t matter whatever is the problem, as far as one’s self is concerned it is powerful.

His words echoed what Aristotle meant when he said, “What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.”

So now that you know this would you rather be powerful or powerless?

LogicTalk is a monthly event held at Logicserve Digital Pvt Ltd. As a platform for knowledge exchange it aims to bring the experiences of the people to Logimates. Know more at https://bit.ly/19Yrc88 use #Logictalk


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