Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Strategy

By Team Logicserve

  • July 25, 2014,

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Content Marketing has taken forefront within an organization or a brand’s content strategy plan but this is exactly what is mystifying largely to the existing content managers. To a certain extent, they are at loss for the skill set required seems to have altered. In reality, they are different and still related.

With a fine line dividing the two which at times gets blurred, it becomes crucial to understand what each of them actually includes and refers to. Though both relate to ‘content’, marketing refers to spread of reach of content to readers base – expanding as well as relevant. After all, it is the readers who are or likely to be the customers of the product or service offered by the brand or the organizations.

On the other hand, content strategy involves creating (used again here as well) of content which is more impactful and impressive to the readers while relating to the brand or organization’s offerings and services.

Content Marketing revolves around

  • Creation of Engaging and Enticing content for enhanced awareness
  • Distribution of Content through viable channels for better outreach and ROIs
  • Strengthening of Merchant – Customer relationship

Content Strategy revolves around

  • Planning & Creation of Content in tune with products and services offered
  • Creation of Content on par with market dynamics and business goals
  • Monitoring the dissemination of content and its response when in use
  • Evaluation of Content performance during and after its discontinuation along with its preservation

The content strategy involves the creation planning and productions of content related to the business while the content marketing exactly knows which content will convert potential demand into sales. Hence, the fusion of the two is very much required for an effective business pitch, which is very essential for sales and business expansion to a desired level.

The role of a content strategist is not limited to creation and publication but extends up to its effective management too. At this stage, it would be right to say that content is a valuable asset used to attract prospective customers. As aptly stately by Rachel Lovinger, “Content strategy is to copywriting as information architecture is to design.”

Drawing attention to current examples of content strategy and marketing are the promotion of electronic gadgets, smartphones and more. The specifications and the UI features relate to product knowledge which are converted into content in form of user manuals, how to use guidelines, blogs, features, articles, videos and more is developed under content strategy. On the other hand, content marketing involves the distribution of the same across various channels targeting relevant audience for the correct leverage.

LogicSpeak :

For success in any online business venture, content marketing is very essential but planning and creation of content comes under the purview of content strategy. Though different, strategy and marketing of content have to be well planned and phased out initiatives of any business. Most digital marketing agencies offers content marketing as well as strategy services which can be utilized by their customers.

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