How is Programmatic Advertising Set to Rule Digital Marketing Landscape in the Post-COVID World?

By Logicserve News Desk

  • August 20, 2020,
Programmatic Advertising

According to a study by eMarketer, digital display advertisers in the US alone would spend more than $80 billion on programmatic advertising.

In fact, this automatic ad buying and selling niche has demonstrated robust growth since its inception around the early 2000s. If experts are to be believed, the entire digital marketing landscape will rely on programmatic media buying platforms in the near future.

But with businesses suffering financial setbacks due to COVID-19, it is expected that digital ad spending too can fall significantly due to the squeezed marketing budgets. But marketing experts are of the opinion that the cost-efficiency of programmatic advertising platforms can help businesses get maximum value for their smaller marketing budgets in the post-COVID world. Take a look-

  1. Improved Ad Targeting

One of the USPs of programmatic advertising is its ability to reach the right audience.

Their algorithmic software uses a significant amount of data so that the guesswork that is generally involved with traditional marketing methods is effectively eliminated. Right from geographic locations, interests, age, to even browsing behaviour, businesses can target different demographics to efficiently reach their target audience.

Digital channels have already proven their worth during the pandemic, and it only makes sense for businesses to not only just use online marketing platforms but use them in a way to reach maximum potential customers. Programmatic advertising makes this a possibility.

  1. Build an Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Another reason why programmatic advertising is set to rule in the post-COVID world is its omnichannel marketing approach.

As people spend more time on channels like the desktop, smartphones, and even TV is consistently rising, programmatic ads provide businesses with the opportunity to reach the target audience across these channels.

Ad publishers can also use this to get excellent insights into the devices providing maximum results so that their future campaigns can give special consideration to these channels. Overall, this could help businesses build more effective omnichannel marketing campaigns.

  1. Better ROI

Needless to say, getting maximum value from a limited budget would require your marketing campaign to be highly effective.

A survey by AdRoll suggests that 80% of marketers believe that programmatic buying offers higher returns on investment when compared to traditional media buying formats. Moreover, 30% of them also agreed that more than 50% of their budget is now spent on programmatic initiatives.

This alone is a reason enough for businesses to focus more on programmatic media in the post-COVID world when financial recovery would be the top priority.

Boost Your Digital Marketing Initiatives with Programmatic Advertising

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unexpected setback that dealt a big jolt to businesses across the world. In the post-COVID world, programmatic advertising is only expected to get more popular. Its ability to reach the target audience, omnichannel approach and higher ROI are some of the top reasons that make it a go-to option for businesses focused on financial recovery.

Businesses can work with reputed digital marketing companies to ensure that their programmatic advertising initiatives deliver expected results.

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