Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: DigiVerse’s Game-Changing Solution

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  • October 9, 2023,

In today’s business world organisations from all sectors are going through a transition from offline to online. Pushing the horizontals like digital brand experience and marketing to take a centre stage. Thereby the digital tools and platforms which are needed by an organisation to manage these scaled up operations are available in abundance. But the real question is that are these tools or platforms are serving the right purpose or are there still major gaps in the data and management?

Digital Marketing teams are bombarded with challenges like data inaccuracy, co-ordination and reporting while brand managers, CMOs, CEOs, CXOs and various brand heads faces lack of timely data for decision making. These problems arise due to multi partner conflicts with the organisation for data collation from different channels and platforms.

On interacting with more than 50 C-suite professionals; LS Digital team was able to highlight the below problems:


1. Lack of a business single view dashboard (ROI, COAs, NRs, Media Plans etc:

This data takes time to collate which leads in revenue and time loss as the cost and revenue centres
for most brands work in silos.

2. No Media plan repository

Brands does not have a repository of media plans so that they can use it actively for budget
allocation strategies. This leads to lack of historic data for data driven media mix modelling and other
AI ML use cases.

3. Lack of task management view:

There is no task view system do that they work collaboratively with multiple partners leading to
bottlenecks and unexplained delays in campaign execution.

Brands and organisation struggle with these problems on a day-to-day basis which leads to revenue
loss, time loss. Ineffective business and incurring cost. At the end of the day the brand managers are
left with a pile of excel files which again requires collation to give it to upper management.

So, what is the solution to this? Are these problems ever get resolved by the companies? To answer
these questions LS Digital presents a tool for the digital marketeers built by digital marketeers.

Digiverse tool which is fully cloud based and extremely easy to use and is flexible to handle any
organisation structure. While figuring out how to make it most useful for the large organisations, we
have integrated superb features like:

• End to End user journey tracking with Backend data triangulation
• Advanced data analytics to track and optimize campaigns.
• A centralized platform to manage all digital marketing efforts.
• Real-time performance tracking and reporting
• Integration and report automations with popular marketing and analytics tools
• Invoice management system.

The astonishing fact is Digiverse saves 1014 hours per year per employee of a brand. This is with the help of data visualization and process optimization features which helps the businesses make informed decisions and improve returns on their Digital Marketing. “DigiVerse is designed with an experience of serving over 500 clients in different verticals for the sole purpose of making digital marketing operations management more efficient and effective for businesses of all sizes,” said Vinay Tamboli. The tool is user-friendly and offers a range of features that will help businesses achieve their marketing goals and increase ROI.

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