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By Team Logicserve

  • October 1, 2014,

Social-Media- Where to start @LogicserveDigi

For expanding your business and outreach to more customers building up a social media presence is not only essential but simply inevitable. Surely, social media must have been a hot topic discussed in your business circles in recent times. When you have multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and each of them having a definite style of promotion, Business promotion, advertising, marketing is certainly not a piece of cake.

We give a brief overview of the USP parameters of each social media channel to ensure you get the best out of them at a stage when you are devising a social media specific strategy for your business –

Facebook – The most popular hub where people meet, relate and discover long lost friends and colleagues. Facebook has gone ahead to target its users by displaying relevant ads. Not only this, Facebook apps prove to offer some of the best marketing tools for driving in traffic. Facebook is usually the first place to begin advertising and marketing on, because it is accessed multiple times 24×7 ensuring good deals enjoy a high degree of visibility.

Facebook @LogicserveDigi

An attractive Facebook post announcing massive discounts on books online is how Couponraja, a premier coupon aggregator promotes a merchant offer across its followers.


  • Specific Targeting as per user interest
  • Multiple Facebook Apps for business promotion
  • Easy Accessibility of business information
  • Facebook shares and comments help in business promotion


  • Higher degree of interaction/communication with users
  • Time Consuming to set up and respond to queries/comments
  • Paid initiative and with varying rates

Pinterest – A very engaging social media platform offering visual treats. Known to be quite impactful for viewers who shun away from reading blocks of text, Pinterest is known for its high engagement ratio.

Pinterest is another new and developing social media outlet to market through. Some of the pros are:

Pinterest @LogicserveDigi

The Pinterest board of Logicserve Digital, a digital marketing agency in India has multiple category specific boards through which it has been successful to engage many of its followers.


Visual Marketing – Effective

  • Wide Audience
  • Keyword Specific Search Targeting feasible


  • Pins require frequent re-pinning or views else they tend to disappear
  • Frequent updates to your Pinterest account help to leverage traffic flow
  • Pinterest rule of avoiding self promotion is likely to make things slightly tougher

Twitter – The most crisp and concise marketing platform catering to your outreach. A short tweet of just 140 characters which can now be embedded with images, multimedia content and more through Twitter Cards does evolve into a powerful marketing tool for most brands.

Twitter @LogicserveDigi

CouponRaja’s Twitter handle tweets the most promising deals and offers across most popular categories for its followers to take advantage of.


  • High in visibility – Just the Tweet or the Twitter Card is displayed
  • To the point – Prescribed character Limit
  • Outreach – No limit as followers keep following each other


  • Aggressive Pitch not possible
  • Prior approval from Twitter required for business promotion


Business promotion through online is inevitable but at the same time, this platform is evolving very rapidly. Instead of just jumping on to the bandwagon, it is best to embark steadily in a planned and phased out manner across each of them while being very consistent at the same time. Over the time with your brand identity established online and stable audience, you will be able to experiment in a better way across these social media platforms.


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