Tips to Leverage Google Plus for Higher Web Traffic

By Tejas Thakkar

  • November 7, 2014,

Google Plus Higher Web Traffic @LogicserveDigi

When you have an online business to take care of, the amount of traffic which you are getting assumes a great deal of importance. If your business doesn’t gets ample traffic, people will remain largely unaware of your firm and thus the profits will suffer terribly.

These days, businesses have understood the importance of generating traffic and one of the best and efficient way to do so is by choosing social networking sites and platforms. However, among the different tools which you can use, it is Google Plus that seems to have whopping potential.

Too many people fail to utilize this tool and here we will show as to how you can leverage Google Plus and push your firm towards the ultimate pinnacle of success.

Make It Visually Appealing

You have to stand out to get noticed. When you are sharing your posts on Google plus, make sure that you embed the right images and illustrations. It is common for people to get attracted to things and posts which are visually appealing. Having a full text oriented post is not going to entice readers because it gets monotonous. The odd of a post being shared depends highly on how interactive, interesting and engaging it truly is.

A Captivating Title

Your title sells half your post. If the post title is really dull, half the readers will not even click the link to open the post. Regardless of the number of followers you may have, when people are not even reading your posts, how will you get huge traffic? This is why you need to make sure to come up with catchy titles that creates either a question or sparks some kind of interest among people.

When you can come up with winning titles, readers will be forced to look in to the post. This can help in larger number of shares and subsequently more traffic and consequently better sales turnover.

The Generation of Hashtag

Tired of the endless hash tags we find on Facebook and Twitter and not to forget Instagram? Well, Google+ too has its own hash tag, but it doesn’t mean that you will put random hash tags on your post, like most users tend to do on Facebook. Google plus is one of those smart platforms where the hash tags means a great deal. Ideally Google has a habit of adding hash tags automatically on those posts that has ample text. When you’re using Google plus, you can leverage the use of hash tags by creating the right relationship.

Smart Commenting

The commenting facility in Google plus posts is really smart. Every time a user comments on your post, they are offered the option of sharing the whole post with their followers. This in turn can hugely increase the kind of engagement which your blog drives.

These are some of the smart tips which you must use for the sake of improving your web traffic. Never make the mistake of ignoring the kind of benefits which Google plus has to offer. When you have a business to take care of, Google plus can truly turn to be the savior you need.



Overall one can use Google Plus for increasing engagement in a smarter way. Do not over promote your brand. Become an information source with relevant content for the masses.

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