Why are Pop-up Ads Important?

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  • October 18, 2014,

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The pop-up ads have been around since the advent of internet. These advertisements are essentially a kind of marketing strategy that is mainly intended to advertise the products/services and increase the website traffic volume. They are usually created by using JavaScript and they appear as secondary browser with the main browser window that the user is browsing. The content of the ads vary depending on the kind of message the brand want to convey to their audience.

Most of the internet users consider pop-up ads as obtrusive and they use various pop-up killer tools for browsing the sites without any hindrance, these ads are still considered as a great way to grab the attention of the users and create an urge to buy the products or subscribe to their services. While the pop-up ads have been a huge global phenomenon since a long time, in India it has become a huge hit only recently. These ads have arrived in India with a bang and research indicates that it is one of the most widely used marketing tools by businesses in India. With the various benefits it offers, it is here to stay. The presence of various trading desk services like Logicserve Trading Desk (LTD), the business owners find it easy to use the pop-ads for promoting their business.

Some of the important benefits of Pop-up ads for business are discussed below:

  • Increases brand visibility

One of the important motives of the business, especially the start-up organizations is to gain maximum visibility. The pop-up ads are usually setup in a way that it appears at the centre of the page where the attention of the browser is focused. Thus it plays a vital role in capturing the attention of the browser and the user would definitely have a glance over the content of the ad before closing the window. Just like the advertisement insertion in the daily newspaper, the pop-up ads online is also a freestanding ad that the users cannot visually ignore. Amateur businesses looking to improve visibility can benefit from the services of LTD who have a healthy rapport with different publishers and can help you place your ad appropriately so that it reaches out to maximum number of targeted audience base.

  • Increased rate of traffic conversion

The main purpose of any advertisement that the brands insert is to increase the sales. The pop-up ads can help you accomplish your sales goal provided if it is placed correctly on the website and at the right time. Also, it is important that the advertisement has a good call to action line that induces the readers to click on the advertisement. The key to maximize the traffic conversion rate is to research the consumer behaviour pattern and their needs and address them in your pitch. Trading desk services like LTD are experts in the industry and are known to help businesses create new opportunities for promoting their brand, they use robust technology to help brands win right audience and increase traffic conversion.

  • Immediate feedback from the customers

The pop-up ads can be a wonderful tool to get immediate reaction from the customers. You can align the advertisement on the website so that it is visible vividly and the visitors can easily comment or inquire about the product or services you are offering. Additionally, these ads help you to know the customer sentiment towards your products or service and their perception towards your organization in general. LTD use top of the line tracking tools to gauge the customer response and provide the businesses the best information about customer behaviour and feedbacks.

  • Versatility

This is another distinct advantage of the pop-up ads. Depending on the type of message you wish to set-up these ads provide a versatile platform to accommodate different kinds of types. Pop-up ads can be custom designed to prohibit the users from leaving the page without clicking on the ad. To make the ad more attractive and enticing you can embed a video or a video game in the ad. This would not only increase your visitors but also boost your brand credibility.


With such amazing benefits it is no surprise that the Pop-up ads have become a huge hit among the Indian businesses. Today, more and more business, especially the small scale retail business owners are utilizing these ads to great advantage.


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