5 Reasons B2B Marketers Must Leverage on LinkedIn

By Logicserve News Desk

  • July 20, 2021,
leverage on linkedin marketing

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most important social media platforms, especially for B2B marketers worldwide. With its presence in 200+ countries and millions of members, as a marketer, you cannot ignore LinkedIn Marketing. Let’s look at 5 reasons that make it so important for b2b marketers to focus on building a solid LinkedIn marketing strategy for brands.

1.  It is a B2B focused Social Media Platform

With 756+ million members and 57+ companies listed on LinkedIn, it is the top B2B social media platform used by professionals and businesses all across the globe. What makes LinkedIn the best B2B social platform is that it caters to a very specific target audience. Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram that cater to a very wide range of audiences, LinkedIn is mostly used by businesses and professionals to connect and widen their network. This gives B2B marketers a great opportunity to build a B2B brand’s reputation and widen its reach.

2.  Take Advantage of LinkedIn InMail

LinkedIn InMail is a powerful email service from the social media platform, allowing marketers to send targeted emails and get more out of their campaigns. Let’s look at some of the features that make LinkedIn InMail better than other automated email services.

  • InMails are only sent to the receiver when they sign in, which increases the open rate significantly. LinkedIn claims that the open rate of sponsored InMails is 166% higher than the email marketing benchmarks. 
  • It allows you to insert multiple CTAs in your mails, giving you a better conversion rate on your mail campaigns.
  • InMail allows you to target your audience better by using LinkedIn’s rich demographic and professional data. For instance, you can select recipients based on their position, company name, industry, etc.

3.  Leverage on Employer Branding

LinkedIn is used by millions of companies and business professionals, making it also a perfect place to build a brand’s employer branding. Why do you think employer branding is important? Well, 88% of job seekers consider it as an important factor when evaluating job offers, as per this report. And it not only helps in better recruitments. Seasoned marketers know the importance of employer branding in overall marketing. When a brand’s employees become its brand advocates, it becomes a more trustworthy and relatable brand.

4.  Build Thought Leadership

Building thought leadership of your personal and business brand increases trust among decision-makers of your clients.LinkedIn is arguably the best social media platform to buildyour thought leadership in the B2B space. The platform offers various tools such as LinkedIn articles to help you publish content and share your views on the industry with the world. Publishing articles allows you to start building your followers and increase your reach. Other tools on LinkedIn, such as recommendations, help further a brand’s endeavour to establish trust among its potential clients.

5.  LinkedIn Ads are Effective

4 out of 5 LinkedIn members drive or influence business decisions within their organisation. This makes it a great platform for lead generation through ads. Moreover, LinkedIn ads allow business brands to target their ads to specific audiences based on their role, position, company, industry, etc., making it a great opportunity for brands to run B2B ads. The LinkedIn tracking pixel known as LinkedIn InsightTag can help brands in retargeting their visitors and get more ROI from their ad campaigns. The campaign manager by LinkedIn is easy to use, offers deep insights and tools to streamline your marketing efforts.

While LinkedIn is an old and established platform, it is known for testing new-age features to enhance the experience of its members. Live video, polls, newsletter subscription, stories, etc., have been some of the recent updates by the platform to help brands and professionals increase their influence and widen their reach. If you are a B2B marketer, LinkedIn should be on the top of your list of marketing strategies.

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